Being Naturally Skinny!

Send Inspiration Ecards Irina, who’s a fitness freak, has found a new idea to get “naturally skinny”, if she knows what she means! She’s heard about this new book by Bethany Frankel. The book supposedly talks about a new concept about losing weight. Her idea is new in a sense that she says that there is no need to think of it as dieting with all its horrors! I’m a huge foodie and I am extremely panicky about going on a diet. To stay naturally skinny, she asks us not to stay away from those sinful dollops of calories. She asks us to balance them, like you would balance expenditures from your bank account.

The basic idea is, you have to balance you food. If you have had a heavy lunch, you must balance it out with a light dinner. There is no need to stay away from certain food items that feature high on your favorite list. You can take everything you want. But the catch is, you can’t gorge on them. You can taste, even eat, but not overeat. That takes care of the craving aspect and still keeps your calories in check. You can top it with some light exercises and you are ready to roll. Try it and if it works for you, let me know. I might start following this concept as well!


One thought on “Being Naturally Skinny!

  1. B. Yes, that’s right. I totally understand. Irina is a smart girl. All my health stats were very up- blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides. It’s my family history, too- diabetes, heart disease and what not. So I have to now keep track of what the portions are, go small, palm of the hand-the intake of foods. Count them essentially. Not so bad, keeps me honest and aware. Nice. Also exercise to very loud aggressive rock music- AC DC , White Stripes, Katy Perry, Queen -and I love to swim so have started that up at a local Y. My husband and I will be going to Hawai’i in late May to June so I want to be slender and svelt in a bathing suit. Perhaps a bikini? Ha, in his dreams… But meez gonna try to surprise him. I love to be pretty amd lithe. L.

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