On St. Patrick’s Day

Send St. Patrick's Day Ecards St. Patrick’s Day is historically an Irish festival. But, of late, it has lost its religious fervor, taking on a more secular meaning. So, on St. Patrick’s Day we find people taking part in St. Patrick’s Day parades and fun activities though they are not religious in the true sense of the term. The symbols associated with St. Patrick’s Day have strong religious and historical significance. We have these symbols painted on t-shirts and banners, but when I asked my friends if they knew what they symbolized, I was taken aback by the answers! Rick said, “Is that a test? Are we bar hopping or not?” and Adrian said, “Umm, well, I know the shamrock has three leaves and they are green!”

For all those who don’t know the St. Patrick’s symbols, here’s a quick rundown. Adrian is right about the shamrock, but only in its description! Actually the three leaves of the clover represent the Holy Trinity. The shamrock is also the plant that the ancient Celtic people associated with Spring, the season of rebirth. The leprechaun are small fairies which can be found in the pages of Celtic folklore. They are painted in gray colors sometimes, but on the whole, they are very likeable.

Something more. Megan, my sous chef friend, told me about some great St. Patrick’s Day recipes that I would like to share with you. These are easy to make and can really spice up your St. Patrick’s Day this year! The first one that she is all for is the chocolate cheesecake, which happens to be Megan’s personal favorite. To add the Irish flavor, you can accent it with Guinness! You can also decorate the cake with chocolate clovers that look like the shamrock. You can also try the Irish stew. This can be a great alternative for the more conventional corn and cabbage meal that you associate with St. Patrick’s Day. Irish bread is another perennial favorite. You can top it with Irish whiskey that’s smooth. You can have it as a cocktail as well. These St. Patrick’s Day recipes are a great way to celebrate the day. Food is a very important aspect of many festivals, and it is no different for this festival. Food that is typical of a day has also memories attached to it. I can easily recollect the days I spent as a child, enjoying these food items prepared by my parents. They make wonderful memories. You can write in with more St. Patrick’s Day recipes. We’d love to publish them on the blog.


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