Did You Watch ‘The Daily Show’?

Send Everyday Ecards‘The Daily Show’ has created a buzz! Jon Stewart, the host of the show, went after Jim Cramer and CNBC, accusing them of giving preference to entertainment over journalism. This debate over the term infotainment has always flared up, at one time or the other. The media has often been accused of sensationalizing issues and playing them up. Newsreels resemble entertainment videos and cater to the leisurely pursuits of people who want to know more about their favorite celebrities. There is always this reply by media-persons that the media brings up so-called trivial issues because the common people want to know about such topics.

I think the debate on ‘The Daily Show’ was nothing new. I personally feel that the media has a major role to play and we cannot entirely blame the media for them preferring entertainment over journalism. After all, they only meet the demand of their viewership. If people were not interested to see such broadcasts, they would not have aired them in the first place. I always feel that in any field, before we blame someone, we must turn the light on ourselves. Why do we see these shows that inform in an entertaining format? When we watch it with hungry eyes, we shouldn’t turn back and blame them for coming up with such a show. After all, no one threatened you to watch it! This is my take on the topic. What’s yours?


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