About Friday 13th

Send Friday the 13th EcardsFriday 13th has always been a date of considerable interest among us. Steve, despite being a modern man in every sense of the term, wouldn’t buy something expensive if the date happens to be Friday 13th! I quizzed him often and he brushed aside the topic, saying he deferred the purchase because of other reasons. I tried to find out why people are so conscious, if not actually superstitious about the date. I came up with some interesting facts. It seems to me that Friday 13th was not always considered unlucky or even ominous. Then there were some major events that happened and changed certain conception about the date.

Numerologically, twelve is considered a perfect and complete number for various reasons, including the fact that Jesus had twelve disciples. Thirteen always stood out like a sore thumb and people began to frame stories around it. Then professionals reported that they suffered loses when the date was Friday 13th. Stock markets crashed and historically as well, it was considered unlucky because Jesus was crucified on a Friday. Other theories tell us that Friday is named after Frigga, who was tagged a witch and banished. It’s believed that she met other witches on this date and made devilish plans! Stories also refer to the Templar Knights who were ordered to be arrested and executed on this date! Phew!

That was some history, I tell you! The point is that you can be wary of this date if your apprehensions are deep-rooted, but there is no point in getting scared of this date. I mean, I had never had any misfortune on Friday 13th, and on days I suffered set-backs, I can’t really remember any of those dates being Friday 13th! Have you faced problems or misfortunes on Friday 13th? Do you believe it’s an ominous day? Let’s pool ideas and dispel the myth.


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