Saying ‘Sorry’

Send Everyday EcardsAfter sharing with you how to be a perfect romantic partner, let’s take it a step ahead. Making mistakes is as human as not making them. But, admitting your mistake after you have committed one is not always easy. There is that nagging bit of ego in you that stops you from going up and say “Sorry”. This initial delay slowly fills up the gap between the two of you. When you finally realize how deep rooted the damage is, it’s beyond your control and you can’t repair it anymore. So my first suggestion would be to admit your mistake at the first available opportunity and get it sorted out. Sleeping over issues like these do more harm than good. If you save it for a later time, you might feel more embarrassed to admit your mistake later on.

It’s normal human behavior to try and shift the blame on another. It takes a lot to own up to a mistake and take responsibility for a goof up. Putting the blame on someone else for the mistake you committed will not resolve the matter, it will only set off a blame-game scenario. Making excuses or trying to cover up for your mistakes instead of owning up to them only digs up a deeper hole for you. When you are in a situation where you have to take the responsibility and there’s no way you can avoid it, take the blame with dignity.

The best part about realizing and admitting your mistake is that you get to make it up to the person you have wronged. You must also keep in mind that you should not repeat the mistake. Repeating a mistake is a clear indication that your apologies were not sincere and the person is less likely to believe you the next time around. So take great care about this. I wouldn’t say I have been able to stick to these rules myself, but I have always made an honest try to do so! How do you express your apologies? Do you feel hesitant in owning up to your mistakes? I’m all ears!


5 thoughts on “Saying ‘Sorry’

  1. It takes a great person to admit that he is wrong and apologize about it.When my friends do something that hurts me i don’t say anything but i just keep a distance between them and let them realize it .It works with the friends that i care about and the one ones that care about me.
    On the other hand i am never afraid to say that i am sorry when i am wrong.Relations are made from talking with the people about the things that we like ,dislike and exchanging opinions on different matters.Sometimes unwillingly we might insult or hurt someone so it is much easier to say that we are sorry and get on with our lives with no regrets.

  2. nice topic.It is very important to understand that u have done something wrong but an appology is more important and difficult I think.I am very cautious.I mean I always try not to do the things that make me apologise.but if I make a mistake I try to make up for it and I simply admitt.I confess saying sorry is really hard…

  3. I find I am more easy to say sorry to my husband than to any one else. Actually it needs to practise to say sorry although it is hard and I agreed it is not easy to do so…

  4. I will say sorry to ones i cause upset to. Sometimes i am not aware i have worded something wrongly and they may say nothing, only for me to find out, i had said something that i was not aware of, but always say sorry and mean it.
    There are times when many are stressed & this causes tension with lots of people, so even the “smallest thing” can trigger a disagreement. This has happened with a fried i have, he would be stressed from his job and i would be stressed from other things, so we tend to argue over silly bits. Both of us get hurt then with the snappiness in each others words. It hurts both ways, but , both of us will say sorry and mean it.
    If i upset anyone unknowingly and find out of course i say sorry, and i mean it to them also. At times it is difficult to say sorry over some things, but it is one word that is never to late to say to someone.

  5. I had a long think after i wrote my above post.
    The word sorry is to apologize.
    If i say sorry to someone i mean it, but i find most of my life, i am always saying “sorry”.
    I say sorry for thinks that i have not done anything wrong, so i am apologizing for others, i am apologizing for things that are not my fault. Yet i mean it.
    I dont know if any other member has this problem, but on reflecting back after writing as above, i noticed that evening my chat and spee ch with others. If i had a 50p for every time i said sorry in one night i would be right.
    Thats all i wanted to come on to put basically because it has been bugging me for ages.
    sorry it is late but i felt i needed to come back and correct my post or even re post like this one now and hope it makes sense.
    (ps it’s ok the men in the little white coats are coming to pick me up later, wish a special jacket they got me, so sounds good that lol lol )

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