Are You Dancing With The Stars?

Send Everyday EcardsAlong with American Idol, another show is into its eighth season this year. Yes, you got it right, Dancing With The Stars! This time around, it promises to be more fun. The stars this year are far more diverse and there’s already a fair bit of drama with the exit of two injured stars Nancy O’Dell and Jewel. They have been replaced by Holly Madison and Melissa Rycroft. So far so good. There’s also Chuck Wicks who’s on the show with his girlfriend Julianne Hough as his professional dancing partner. Irina thinks it has all the ingredients of good entertainment over the weeks. I’m sure it will be, but I’m a little confused about which reality show to follow!

There shouldn’t ideally be any toss up between these reality shows unless it’s the time factor you are looking at. All of these reality shows, be it American Idol or Dancing With The Stars, are like apples and mangoes. There’s no way you can compare and contrast because the whole appeal is very different. The format is unique on these shows and so is the target audience. If you prefer a show about singing, try American Idol and if you want your favorite celebs in their dancing shoes, check out Dancing With The Stars! What will be your pick? Which one, according to you, promises to be the real clincher? Let’s pool our ideas.


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