Inspirational Mondays: Keeping The Hope Alive

Send Inspirational EcardsIf you do not hope, you will not find what is beyond your hopes. – St. Clement of Alexandra

Rachael always liked the story of Pandora’s Box. She asked me and Liz to read that story to her repeatedly. She wouldn’t listen to any other stories for a long time. It was a phase in her childhood. When I came across this quote, the memory of those days came back to me. I don’t know why. Hope is something that stays with you even when you have decided to never rely on hope. I’m sure even the most hard-nosed cynics has hope. It is practically impossible to wrench this feeling out of yourself. So why not use this omnipresent feeling to your advantage instead of neglecting it as a weakness?

I say this because, frankly, many of us are in the worst possible situation. Many of you guys have problems related to work and the subsequent stress on your relationships. It might be that you have been made redundant by the company you served with a lot of dedication and sincerity. It’s very likely and normal that you would lose hope and throw up your hands in despair. But that would only make it worse, don’t you think so?

There’s a lot of difference in losing and being a loser. You may lose, but never let that be a part of your system. Dust yourself off the ground and begin afresh. It’s easier said than done, I know, but I’m afraid that is the only way forward. If you have the hope kindled in your heart, you will see that little flame light up things around you. It’s your duty to nurture it because in these dark times, we all need light.

I’m a very optimistic person and ‘hoping against hope‘ continues to be one of my favorite phrases! I try not to take a cynical point of view because that disturbs me. I’d rather try and fail than not try at all. What is your outlook to life? If you want to tell us an inspiring story, we’ll listen to you. Go ahead!


4 thoughts on “Inspirational Mondays: Keeping The Hope Alive

  1. Hi Bob,
    Thank you for this beautiful article on Hope.
    I would like to share some experiences of my friends (might not be any inspiring), but these are the cases where people are clinging on to the Hope and some actually found comfort.

    Times are bad every where, and these are the times that require us not to lose hope. Hope is the only feeling that can get us thru. Things will get better and we have to hope for that. Job stress is definitely taking its toll. Some of my friends are going thru tough times, either lost or at the brink of losing their jobs. And this is especially hard for single income families. Like you said once, having skills and being very good at what you do is not enough to be in the job, you got to be made of steel spinal cord. So far, my family has been fortunate in riding this wave safe although there were bumps while some of my friends haven’t. All I say to them: hang in there. I try to help them with contacts, information and things like that where I can. I couldn’t sleep worrying about those friends but then these are such times. Communities are coming together to support those in need and praying for everyone’s well being; and looking at the kind acts of people stepping up to help others, no other thought comes to mind but Hope. In general we are happy when people around us are happy. And when those people are going thru trying times, it is not easy.

    I know families with college kids and those kids having hard time finding part time jobs to pay for expenses and then parents taking big pay-cuts or losing jobs so unable to support those kids. Closer to graduating and the job market gloomy and student loans piling up, they have to keep hope that things will be better and they have their education now. Change in life style is not gonna help much in these situations. This situation is actually bringing those kids closer to their families.
    One other friend of mine who wanted to retire a few years ago couldn’t do that until now because of these economic times and no such hope in the near future either but the comfort is she found a job, although less paying, it is with benefits and at her age she is happy to be in this job with benefits during these times.

    Many of the good programs/classes in high schools are being cut leaving students with much less options and chances for college. But they have to take what they got in times like these and I have seen them coming up with all different ideas and options like going to community colleges to make up for those courses and they are actually learning useful life lessons in these difficult times. Those lessons will no doubt make them much more capable in their lives.

    Hope is what keeps us alive. We may find the light in a totally different way than expected but until we find that light, it is the hope that carries us.

    We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope. — Martin Luther King, Jr.

  2. That is really positive and encouraging. My most favorite story is a biblical story about the ‘lost son’. When one comes to the worst, there is always someone up there who loves you and waits for you. To those who nearly lose hope, there is always hope.

  3. B. Hope is everything to me. I had a really horrible time in my childhood and wanted to run away from it all. Yet, I met a fella at age 16 who saved me through. Was a simple time for me as he was 1st my best friend/ boyfreind then became my future husband who was a rhythm guitarist in a local gargage band/ who also posed as their manager as he was always efficient at organizing shows and song lists, along with getting their pay. He was nothing much to the world out there, but he was all the world to me. What an incredible guy. Was my initial inspiration at creating works in art. He was just fun and interesting. Got me hooked in literature, lyric, music and song. Was freeing and I felt alive for the first time in my entire life. As all my life, since I was seven, I was a servant to my parents. Was a housekeeper and nanny to their children. No life. So for the 1st time in my life, I had friends who just wanted to get together and hang out. I will never forget all the good times we had together. He is now my husband who still encourages me in what I do. Though I am married, I do not feel shackeled nor do I feel tied down. He always tells me I can do what I want. Never keeps me back.

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