Being The Perfect Romantic Partner

Send Love EcardsA couple of days back I wrote about how to be romantic. Let’s talk about how to be a better partner. I have heard many couples complain that they do not get what they want to find in their partners. I cannot ask them enough if they turn the light on themselves and focus on what grounds they are lacking. Yes, we all have short-comings. The trick is not to hide them; the trick is to address them head on and then redress. Do you get the laundry out when you had promised to do so? Do you pull the volume of the TV down when your partner has a headache? Do you head to the Chinese cuisine for your partner’s sake, though you don’t fancy Chinese food?

It’s interesting how we expect people to compromise with us while we remain rooted to our opinions. We expect a lot from our partners, but when it comes to us, we fall short of meeting their expectations. It doesn’t take much to listen to your partner and try to understand his or her point of view. When you are colliding head-on, it’s better you focus on making your partner happy than proving yourself right. Going all out to prove your point may win you the argument, but it may cost you the relationship in the long run.

Everyone, no matter how close to you, needs space. Respect the individual space of your partner. Nosing around, checking your partner’s mobile phone or email, is a strict no-no. Never have this fallacy that because your partner does not protest, behavior like this is unacceptable and will only drive your Significant O up the wall. If you have to talk out something, do that straight. And maintain a life of your own at all times. Your friends and family have been with you when your partner was not around. They deserve a part of your time. It also keeps your relationship healthy, otherwise you tend to cling on to your partner. And that is a recipe for disaster!

As I keep saying, even the best laid plans can go wrong if you are not committed to it. So if you really want your life to be painted in brilliant colors, love a lot. The rest would automatically follow. There can hardly be an exhaustive list for this, but you can add to this one. Do you want to add to this list? Chime in.


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  1. love is like a sensitive child, if you meet his expectations in the first months and then forget caressing him, there will come a disaster. your partner is “your love,” not a toy amusing for a while. keep showing your love to your partner at least once a week. women love being told how lovely they are and loved!

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