American Idol Wild Card Winners

Send Friendship EcardsA night of surprises! It all began with Irina coming in late to watch the American Idol Season 8 with us. She has never been late for this show and it has become a ritual for us now, more so for Adrian and her. I miss the show every now and then! But they don’t. Irina can very well watch the American Idol show at her own place, but she likes it at our pad because she has someone to discuss the show with. And of course, fight occasionally. So when she got late, Adrian thought she wouldn’t turn up at all.

I was quietly sure she would come, and she did. Then the show started. We were immersed in the performances, both with the microphone and without it. The next surprise was that Adrian and Irina seemed to agree unanimously at each of the judges’ choices. They were nodding their heads in approval. I have to admit I didn’t like it when they agreed on a point. They were so much more entertaining, sometimes more than the show! I tried to tease them to go at each other, but I think they had a sort of mutual agreement that they would not fight over the American Idol Wild Card winners.

The last surprise was, of course, the show itself! We’re expecting Top 12, we got Top 13, Anoop being the lucky 13th! My fellow watchers thought it was okay, the more the number of performers, the more stiff the competition was going to be. I’m not so sure about it though. I mean, with twelve contestants the competition would have been tough too! What do you think? Are you happy with the choices for the American Idol wild card winners? I’d like to know.


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  1. I sort of agree with them but mostly just relieved Tatiana didn’t make it; can you imagine watching her drama every week…would have been enough for me not to watch at all!

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