Curious About America’s Next Top Model Cycle 13?

Send Inspirational EcardsAfter having teased Adrian to the brink of murder, Irina has shifted her focus something more close to her heart. Arianna Afsar, the American Idol contestant who found, I think, the only die-hard supporter in Adrian, got out of the race. Adrian had been voicing his strong support for her, knowing fully well that she sang well enough to be one of the contestants who was sure to exit the American Idol stage. He had a verbal duel with Irina, as I wrote last day. Irina got back to him, clear and strong after Arianna was out. She told him, “You hear with your eyes, Adrian!” That was funny, what say?

The taunts and jeers would have continued if not Tyra Banks suddenly announced that America’s Next Top Model Cycle 13 models have to be 5 feet 7 inches or under to make it to the show. Irina is super excited about the prospects of wannabe models who thought that their height could be a hindrance to their career. She told me, “Bob, if only I can take part in the show! I’m 5 feet 6!” Tyra Banks also mentioned that this well help “shorter models” to come to the forefront. I couldn’t really say much other than join in Irina’s enthusiasm. I never understood much about modeling and there’s no reason how I’ll know all about it all of a sudden.

What I’m happy about is that perceptions are changing to accommodate more possibilities. I always want more people to have a shot at success. It also opens up new vistas and this influx of fresh talent always helps to broaden the horizons. Do you support my views?


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