Avoiding Your Ex!

Send Love EcardsAfter I wrote about going back to your ex, I read a comment which gave me the idea of writing about avoiding your ex! Yes, it’s as logical as going back to your ex, only this time you are not chasing, you are running away. Avoiding your ex can be as tricky, if not more. But if you are really interested in giving that person the slip, just follow these really simple steps.

First, get away from all the social networking profiles and online networks where she can track you down. It may be difficult for you to get off the grid, but laying low for some months if you really want to avoid someone is worth the effort. You can change your contact numbers and email addresses. Make sure you don’t have any loose thread that can lead your ex to hunt you down. If your ex is not the one who’ll stalk you, you can save yourself this effort, though.

Tap common friends to find out the whereabouts of your ex. They can tell you more about their present schedules and you can conveniently avoid turning up at the same party or get-together. You wouldn’t like to find yourself in the same club or disc, when your ex is the last person you want to see on your fun night out. Rack your brains and chalk out the schedule your ex used to follow. You must be knowing where that person is likely to be at what time. Stay away from those places at those times. Go on a holiday if you really want a break from all of these. If the break up has been messy, this will also help you calm your nerves and reflect on what you want to do next.

These steps are just pointers to help you come with ideas of your own. You know your ex better than most and you are the best person to know what to do. And if you are going into a tunnel to lay low, do it with dignity. I would strictly advise against any sort of threats or stuff like that. You should never forget that you were in love with this person at a point of time, however bitter the relationship may have become at a later date. Do you want to add to this list? Write to me.


2 thoughts on “Avoiding Your Ex!

  1. The guy I am currently avoiding isn’t really an ex-boyfriend. Actually, he WAS my guy bestfriend. I know we can’t be more than that as I am already married.

    We started as very good friends ONLINE. I treated him as a brother and then we became VERY good friends.

    After more than 3 years, we got so familiar with each other-coming to YM and doing voice chat. We shared personal matters. I was so glad to have someone I could share my thoughts honestly. He WAS a real bestfriend.

    I was wondering though why he had no one special to share his life with despite his loving and respectful nature. (Although online friends, he managed to respect my femininity. I think that’s self-explanatory). To cut the story short, I had been encouraging him to find someone special whom he could share his life with. But time came when he started telling me about his “finding her.” Man, I felt a big blow inside me! I was crazy jealous. Just like Julia in the movie, “My bestfriend’s Wedding.” But hey, he WAS my bestfriend! I kept reminding myself over and over and over…

    Aren’t bestfriends suppose to give way for the other’s happiness?

    Hurt. Yes, I was. But I had to accept as I don’t want him to be lonely for the rest of his life.

    One time, he told me flatly how he honestly felt for his lady-love. Of course I know how he adored her otherwise, he wouldn’t go as far as tieing the knot, right?

    When he said he had to make the necessary preparations for the special day, I took the chance of avoiding him on many occasions- not coming online, not updating my subscriptions where we were always connected, not responding to his emails and offlines. Boy, it was so hard!

    I’m just leaving everything to TIME. For I believe TIME heals all wounds.

    I miss my bestfriend.

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