Who Do You Think Will Go Out Of American Idol?

Send Miss You EcardsAmerican Idol Season 8 is slowly losing the frills and coming to the main countdown with twelve finalists. This week saw twelve of them perform to lay claim to the remaining six slots to make the final twelve. Adrian and Irina looked a little disappointed to watch the episodes. Adrian looked particularly upset because one of his favorites, Arianna Afsar, did a “washout”, to quote Irina.

This provoked Adrian to remark that Irina’s favorite among the performing American Idol contestants, Nathaniel Marshall, looked and sang horribly and he couldn’t decide which one was more horrendous! This set off a real fight between the two and they started bickering at each other. When I shut the door to keep the sound out, they were still at each other’s throat, stabbing occasionally. I get amazed at these two. Almost every week they end up fighting. No, this is not the amazing part. The amazing part is that they forget all about it and the very next week they are seated in front of the TV, with soda and snacks!

Fighting among friends is nothing new. I think if you are really friends, you will have fights because both of you will have different choices in more than one matters. With friends, you feel free to express what you think without worrying about attaching explanatory notes. And then there’s clash of opinion. The point is Adrian and Irina parted ways, each expecting their favorite participants to stay on and the other’s favorite to get ousted! Who do you think will bow out of American Idol Season 8?


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