Getting Your Ex Back

Send Love EcardsIt’s not easy to reconcile yourself to a life after a break up. There may be feelings that tell you that you should move on, while there’s also another part of you that says, it would be nice to have that person back in your life again. So what do you do when you really want to rebuild the relation which has fallen apart? The first thing that I think you should do is reflect. Think and look for reason why you want to go back. That obviously takes you to those lovely memories you have of your partner. Think deeper. Look for reasons that have lasting value: like traits in the person that you liked, was your partner reliable and responsible and questions like that.

Your first step would be to establish contact with your ex. But try not to come across as repentant or miserable. Let that person not think or get this idea that you are in need of emotional support. Maintain your dignity and confidence. Resume talking terms with neutral issues and try to steer clear of topics that led to the break up. If your ex drifts that way, don’t fall for it. You may also get sneered at, so be prepared and maintain your calm. This is just an expression of hurt that the other person felt because of the break up. So let it not put you off.

To build something up again after it has been partially damaged is not easy. It takes a lot of patience and effort, and lots of care. If you really feel you are up to it, go for it. But make sure you are not doing it just because you are lonely or you want a relationship on the rebound. How to figure that out? Stay tuned for that!


3 thoughts on “Getting Your Ex Back

  1. I personally thought a broken bond is hard to be reunited. Every time I broke up, I always find my ex negative points to avoid me having the next crush on him. But thought if I really have to get together again it must be forever.

  2. Well said Bob.

    Partially broken bond can be for a marriage couple or a boyfriend/girlfriend. If for marriage couple I’d say it’s easier to get back and I also encourage my friend to do so. As family is part of the person that makes who the person is. But for boyfriend/girlfriend I think the choice is widely open, and if one see it’s not suitable or some sign show sth is not bearable, I’d suggest it is better to break up as earlier as possible. A small problem at the early phase of a relationship will grow to be even worse one after the couple getting married. In either case, re-built the retionship need the involved persons to do some compromise. If you cann’t change the other side, then try to change yourself.

  3. Depending on who broke up with who this can be tough.

    If they broke up with you it would be very hard to get the courage to do this.

    I was lucky in the past as I was the person that ended a relationship so I was the one to get it back.

    But if they left me that would be a lot harder as I wouldn’t want to look like a stalkera nd wouldn’t be sure if they weree hoping I’d chase after them or just leave them alone.

    Its hard to tell, but as you say I’d recommend people give it a last shot if thier heart begs for that one last chance.

    If rejected a couple of times (with time gap) I’d give up and leave them be.

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