American Idol Rolls On

Send Inspirational EcardsAmerican Idol contestants couldn’t live up to Simon Cowell’s expectations. After admitting that he was not satisfied with the lights or the sound, Cowell voiced his disappointment at the way the contestants performed in the Group 2 round of the American Idol Season 8. I missed the show again but this time around I got to know about the show and the songs performed by the Adam Lamberts and the Jesse Langseths. Adrian was all for the rendition of ‘Alone’ by Allison Iraheta.

There’s a catch here. Irina thinks she was not so good as Adrian is making it to be. She said she’d go with Adam Lambert any day. I have heard him, of course. But it’s difficult to say who’s better when all of them are so good on their day. I always seem to have a problem when it comes to choosing a winner. It’s like choosing the first amount equals. I think it would be hard on anyone who gets out after being so close to the summit. Irina is also speculating how old Simon Cowell is! Wonder why!

That reminds me, I am looking for inspirational stories about women who encouraged you to dare and dream. Write to me with these stories and I may publish them on my blog or the newsletter on International Women’s Day. Stay inspired.


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