Will You Vote For American Idol?

Send Cheer Up EcardsAmerican Idol fever is rapidly and consistently hitting my pad each time it’s aired. Two die-hard fans in the form of Irina and Adrian descend and shout and yell and do everything they can to cheer Anoop Desai or Danny Gokey or Tatiana. Sometimes they forget that they are on this side of the television screen. With the American Idol in the Top 36 stage now, the competition is steep, as was expected. But these people are really driving the excitement levels through the roof. They dragged me down to watch the show. I wouldn’t say I did not like it.

Irina was very impressed with Anoop Desai’s rendition of ‘Angel of Mine’. She trilled how she liked the version of the ‘Eternal’ as well as the one by Monica. Adrian was happy about it, too. He wanted to have the lyrics. Danny Gokey was another contestant who impressed the crazy duo at my place. Adrian was tapping his feet while he sang ‘Hero’. I thought I would hear catcalls too, but they didn’t come!

After the show, the frenzy of voting for the American Idol began. They grabbed my phone and voted as well! Wonder if it makes a difference if I didn’t vote. What do you think? Will you vote for American Idol Season 8?


2 thoughts on “Will You Vote For American Idol?

  1. YESsssssssssss!! I LOVE AI. It is fantastic this season! Danny Gokey for the WIN! I also love Anoop dearly & I think Jackie is fantastic! :]

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