American Idol Dips In Popularity

Send Valentine's Day EcardsThough the American Idol continues to be one of the most popular shows on TV, its popularity has dipped by a significant percentage this year, according to Adrian. He also informs me that last year, American Idol was more popular in the Hollywood Week than it is this year. You know, of course, that Joanna Pacitti was disqualified. Do you believe that they did it because she has professional and personal relationships with two executives at 19 Entertainment, as the Star magazine reported? I think we deserved to know the reason.

I think I’m getting addicted to it because of Adrian and Irina. It’s a big Thursday ritual now. Anyway, how are you getting along with your Valentine’s Day planning? I hope all the arrangements are made and you have booked yourself into a restaurant? You want your date to be waiting around, do you? Adrian’s final plans are set for take off. He’s picking up Cathy in the afternoon. I know nothing more as of now. Frank is going on a date with Eleanor. Again, destination unknown! Lovers can be really secretive when they want to be. Anyway, I’ll keep you posted. Stay tuned.


3 thoughts on “American Idol Dips In Popularity

  1. Dear Bob,
    Your blog kind of got me thinking.
    Why can you wish a friend a happy valentine’s day when you think of him as a friend, and when the feeling is more than a friend, you keep to yourself, in case that friend finds out?
    I have a friend who wished her heartthrob happy Valentine’s day and even shared chocolates with him last year, but this year, it’s a different story, she tried to be more than normal to hide her feelings and forgot to wish him. When he said bye to her she wanted to give him a hug, instead she just stood there nodding her head and saying meaningless goodbyes. what are your thoughts on this?
    Take care and a very happy valentine’s day to you.

  2. Love…Love…all about love! I think it does not matter the author of this page man or woman. I have friends in both gender living like this. Sometimes they are too exposed to a risk of life. Even like that they still enjoying. To me, I am an ordinary person, working hard for a piece of bread, when I’m not so “hungry” I aslo yearn for love. But that’s too rare I suppose:) So I can only enjoy other ones’ love story and dreamed about loveMeAlways. Ciao

  3. The city where I am during Valentines day is full of romantic people. I was happen passing by Railway station and saw lovers kissing each other at the side of the train. I smiled when I saw those. I met a new guy a few days aga and I’m looking forward to full in love this time after long time being single. Thanks for sharing so much love couples story out there. Those tips may help me for preparing my next journey.

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