How To Appreciate Friendships

Send Friendship Ecards“Though friendship is not quick to burn, it is explosive stuff.” May Sarton

I agree with Mary Sarton on this. Friendship may have a long-lasting value in our lives, but they can be extremely volatile sometimes. If you do not nurture a bond with the care that it deserves, it will surely cause you pain and things may just go out of your hand. Friends have an uncanny ability to understand without having to explain. But, very few people are lucky enough to get such friends in their lives. I have been more than lucky that way. I have a great set of friends here and I know all you guys out there are with me as well.

So what do you do to appreciate your friends? Say ‘Thank You’, ‘Please’ and ‘Sorry’. I don’t believe that just because you guys are friends you can bypass such basic courtesies. Ignoring these only emphasizes that you have taken your friends for granted. And that can spell disaster. Listen to your friend when both of you have a good news to share. If you keep saying your own thing, it won’t be long before you can only share it with yourself.

Compliment your friend when he or she is successful. Often we miss out on this important thing and that slowly piles up against us. A good word does a lot for everyone and when you express your appreciation, you make way for appreciation to come your way as well. So the next time your friend does well at work, send a note of appreciation.

How do you appreciate your friends? Write to me.


10 thoughts on “How To Appreciate Friendships

  1. I love to write my friends little notes that tell them how much I love them, how much they mean to me, and just generally how amazing they are, then stick them in their lockers. It’s important to me to let them all know how much I value them and that I love them and that they have changed my life.

  2. According to Voltaire Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.
    I always show my appreciation to my friends by sending them cards or calling them up to say hello i am always here if you need something.

  3. B. Whenever I go on a trip, I send them postcards to keep in touch. I also make sure to call them periodically to catch up. Often, I thank them for taking the time out to chat with me. Lately I have had some medical issues and my friends really helped me through the stressful end of it. I hope I didn’t beat their ears about it too much. I also let them know if they are going through a rough time, that they can always talk to me, anytime, anywhere, any day. I’m around. Also I make sure I let them know how much I love and care for them. L.

  4. B. I show appreciation to my friends by thanking them in a variety of ways. I may bake a batch of their favorite cookies, give them a jar of my home-made soup or offer to get them some items at the grocery store. Or if they need a ride to the doctor’s office, hospital or to the drug store, I offer to give them a lift. And if they need a friend to be there in the hospital waiting room, they know they can count on me. As they have done these things for me as well. And like you said simply saying, “Thank you,” “Please,” “I’m sorry,” really matters. Saying “sorry” sometimes can be the hardest thing to do, but it’s necessary especially if you are in the wrong and you want to keep the friendship alive. I am fortunate to have such understanding friends, in that there are times I squirrel away in my studio and no one hears from me for weeks. My friends know this and don’t get upset if I haven’t called them or emailed them in a while. Eventually, they know I will. And if there is ever an emergency on their end and they need my help, to not hesitate and phone me immediately. It’s important they know you are there for your friends and they are there for you. A good friendship is a two way street. L.

  5. Great article about friendship. Sure in our life, the friends of us like the spring… like the sun… like the power at any where we need them. Agree with you.

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