Valentine’s Day Gifts According to Their Zodiac Sign – Part I

I’ve told you that Zodiac signs are always a point of interest to many people. With Valentine’s Day looming large, I thought of giving you a run down of Valentine’s Day gifts that you can give, based on the Zodiac sign of your Significant O. These are stones that rule a particular Zodiac sign and lucky for that sign as well!

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Aries:

The lucky stone for Aries is Bloodstone. It’s for wisdom. Aries lovers are fast-acting independent people. So this stone would do wonders to the free-spirited Aries lover.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Taurus:

The Taurean love for mental peace is legendary. Sapphire is the stone for Taurean lovers. That makes them calm and composed and cures him or her off the stress that burdens their mind.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Gemini:

Gemini is the first air sign on the calendar. To keep up with the lightening-quick mind of your Gemini lover, try Agate. This is for the welfare and prosperity of your Gemini partner.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Cancer:

You Cancerian lover is observant and sympathetic. For him or her, an emerald would be the best gift. It promises to bring in joy.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Leo:

Your Leo lover is demanding, but very efficient and organized at the same time. The perfect gift for a Leo would be something in Onyx. It will suit the personality of the Leo.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Virgo:

Your Virgo lover craves for success. The best thing to give her is Carnelian. It will boost her confidence and help her to succeed.

What do think of this list? Stay with me for the other six.


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