How to be Honest in Friendships — Having a Heart-to-Heart

Send Friendship EcardsTalking it out is a process that I preach and practice. My friends are very open about talking things that might have spiked them at any point of time. I prefer an honest talk than playing mind games or guessing games. I believe that is what it should be with friends. You must have that level of trust and confidence which will help you sort it out with your friends without any rough edges. When friends are together, there can be an argument or a heated discussion. That’s very normal, I mean, they are friends, not diplomats! How you sort it out is how you want things to go on from that point.

A heart-to-heart conversation not only takes the stress off you, but also makes the friendship strong. It sets up a strong gesture to your friends as well. In the future, if they have an issue, they can always come up to you and sort it out. I have seen some really nice friendships going sour because of communication issues and because they have not been able to talk it out. Try to listen to your friends’ points of view so that you know where you stand compared to them. Don’t forget to be patient until the end. Jumping to conclusions or talking with strong preconceived notions are a strict no-no. Try these out if you are in a fix with your friend. Write to me what happened then!


One thought on “How to be Honest in Friendships — Having a Heart-to-Heart

  1. Hello Bob and Everybody,
    I would like to submit a question to you after reading this post about friendship: Do you think someone who hides things from you not to hurt you can be considered a real friend? Wouldn’t you expect a real friend to tell you everything and to be honest and open even if what he/she has to tell you might hurt you? I would like to know your opinion about that. Thanks. Stephanie.

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