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Send Friendship EcardsThis is a continuation of Rhonda’s mail from my newsletter. If you didn’t see that one, click here to read it.

Your newsletters, they inspired me in feeling friendship, true friendship — that you don’t have just that one friend that you need to be with all the time, that it is so much more beautiful to have a circle of friends..

SAYING GOODBYE: That made me cry, because I felt so much like Kate did.. loosing a loved one, and all you want to do is run… I wished I could run, but I’m glad I didn’t… I wished your friend Kate didn’t run… It sounds like she had so much to offer…. and she had her friends… the sad part about running, is that what ever you are running from never leaves unless you face it first.. I hope Kate returns to NY some day.

KONG: Well now, he is my kind of guy.. Animal love, animal spirit, they are the ones I relate to the most. Never, never underestimate the power or the love of an animal.. My Kramer, he got me through Christmas, New Years, and now I cant wait to snuggle my little man at night. He is my best friend (yes sad to say) right now.

IRINA: Her story inspired me to go for the makeover I needed to do and good on her for being able to confront her “WARDROBE” and financial abilities to make it all work for her… I laughed at this one.. I would love to have someone like IRINA in my life, just to give me those wardrobe tips..but I made the first step and changed my hair, and am now doing yoga… how that fits in to this one, I’m not quite sure, but it’s all about the glory of change.

CHRISTMAS DEC 25: People sharing the meaning of Christmas.. I loved that.. it brought me back to some form of life, to realize what it really is all about.. family and love, and peace.. not just on the outside but inside as well.. I didn’t find the peace inside over Christmas, but I made the best of what I did have and that was a new connection with my mom, sister, brother, and family.. that was harmonious in so many ways.

SENDING WARM WISHES: You and your friends did it the best.. you were there for each other.. again my heart just burst out. Especially your line: “Many of you may want to reach out to a friend that did some wrong inadvertently resulting in a rift..” That is what I was feeling so much of, I was resenting my friend and my ex, but I wanted to reach out to them and tell them I still loved them.. But I couldn’t.. they turned from me. Funny hey… so your article yeah, it hurts to read, but it strangely enough gave me hope and love and pleasure in knowing that there may be some hope, if I just open my eyes and my arms to meeting new people.. I too could have a circle of friends.

By the way, it’s never ever too late to tell someone what you want to tell them. It’s just a matter of “do you really need to tell them?” or do they already know the unspoken words and it’s just our ego’s that think we need to speak them. “Just food for thought.”

Well Bob, that takes us into the New Year and your shared stories.. which of course even touched me more, because by this time, I was gaining my own strength … bless you for including the young ones.. they are truly inspirational…
The love of your friendships sounds healthy and happy, and trust me, they will continue to grow.
By the way, thank you for including Jeffrey, it’s not easy being the “outsider” as I call it.. I know that because that is what I am now in my circle of friends.. but that’s what happens when you allow yourself to only have one good friend..

Okay, so Rick and Kaitlin.. bravo, what a great story… this one made me angry at first, because all I ever wanted was for my husband to just love me like that, to do those special things for me. To go out of his way to show me he loved me.. and then I realized, he did just what he was meant to do… he was being himself. He showed his love the way he knew how. I just had too many expectations of what i thought he should do.. that is what brought us to disaster… I realized this after reading this story; even though it is wonderful to have all those beautiful moments, that’s not him, and if i couldn’t love him for who he was, without expectations, then I was not really loving him truly. I was not being true to me or to him.. So thank you for that story, it opened my eyes.. and now I know that I must love someone for who they are, who they really are, all of them, and so must he of me, before I can enter into any type of “committed” relationship.. Bless Rick and Kaitlin, I wish them all the best..

The rest of your New Year stories, just inspired me to join your group and want so much more experiences out of life.. I’m past the “will I ever meet Mr. Right and be happily ever after”, and yet it’s not even about that, it’s just about finding myself now. I have the freedom and the ability to do what I want . And one of things I want to do most, is meet people, connect with good people and you and your friends have given me the inspiration and the hope to do so… You have all made me laugh, cry, grow, love, be angry, learn… so much from all of you through just your short stories.. I can’t even imagine, (well, yes I can) what life would be like around such a group.

So Bob, my last thoughts:
Yes, love does do strange things that is for sure.. I can’t argue that one .
Love comes in many faces, shapes, colors, everything, my heart, it loves, and it is learning to just love everyone all the same.. but in that, it’s not easy, because to love like that, one has to really love themselves first.. and I don’t mean that in an egotistical way; but if you cant accept or love yourself for exactly who you are, you can’t love someone else that way… and that to me is what love is about.

Bob, I have probably bored you to tears with this, and maybe shared too much. Please feel free to use what you can if anything at all and just dump the rest. If you care to know much about me… I’m a very spiritual person, with a lot of healing and growing to do.. but I’m on my journey.. and your newsletters and now your “support groups”, wow, that is the best part of my healing in today… thank you for sharing your stories, thank your friends for allowing to share their stories.. and I hope to be able to share some of my teachings to all of you as time goes on..

So if any of this stuff works for you let me know.. would it be to forward in saying, I would love to learn more about you, and how you got started in all of this. I find it fascinating.. and maybe you can share with me what part of New York you are in and a little bit about it.. I’m planning to go on a trip by myself and am looking for a good safe place to go to. Now keep in mind, I have never traveled, let alone by myself, so I actually thought of going to New York… What would be your opinion on that one?

Take care Bob.. Looking forward to the next newsletter. Keep up the beautiful work.

Take care for now, and don’t hesitate to ask me any questions if you need to or wish to. And also know that all I have written here tonight, is from my heart, not meant to hurt or offend anyone. So hopefully I have not done that in anyway..

This is Bob again. Thank you Rhonda for writing in and mentioning everyone of my friends and ‘support group’, as you chose to call them! You can write in too! Just send it to me on Facebook!


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  1. Rhonda! You are somin else. Thanks so much for replying to Bob. I love your replies. I feel I know you some how. Keep your replies coming. I’ll enjoy reading them. They give me hope. Thanks, Lydia

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