Loving After Losing A Loved One

Send Love EcardsFinding love after losing a loved one is never easy and to many, impossible. Once you lose the companion you have chosen for yourself, getting to love someone else becomes difficult and it’s like revisiting an old wound. Many people shy away from this because they feel they don’t have it in them anymore to give or take love. They decide to spend their days in memories. These, and many more aspects, came up when I was discussing this topic with Eleanor and Frank.

They have both loved and lost. They admit to having given up hope to find love again. They also admit that they had reconciled themselves to a life of seclusion. They also admit to having been extremely lucky to have found each other. “Ya know Bob,” Frank told me, “the greatest mistake that a person can make in these sort of situations is to compare their past love and the present. They must understand that the two of them are different people. Comparing not only insults your memories, but also plays havoc by raising your expectation to an impossible high.”

I know what he means. Living up to the good memories of the past becomes difficult for the person who’s in your life at the present. This brings about bitterness. And then things get really difficult. If you are in such a scenario, it’s best you approach your love life with a freshness that it deserves and cleanse yourself of what once was, but isn’t there anymore. Do you agree with me? Do you have an experience to share? Chime in.


4 thoughts on “Loving After Losing A Loved One

  1. B, everyone is different in this world. Rather than finding a substitute for the lost, one could have a better life by finding whoever is suitable for oneself for that moment. Whatever is lost we tend to remember the best part of it. That is a trick of memory. But why should one remember the bad part of anything when it is no longer relevant?
    It is perhaps more relevant to find out what is the best that one could get out of a present relationship than to lament over the past. I believe it is important to treasure what one has and work for an even better future for the relationship.

  2. I am undergoing pathos and emptiness in my life right now Last year i lost my adorable husband,friend and guide,so suddenly that it is difficult to take it in.Yes there are moments in your life when you feel like sharing thoughts those moments are justsurrounded with memories and you cling to them.But i guess life goes on and time is a great healer.

  3. B. I have seen close friends lose their loved ones. They are so sad. Feel so lonely. As their friend, I try to get them out and meet new people. This is not an easy task as usually they do not want to socialize. So I don’t force it. I have quite a few good friends who help me in this, though. Kinda turns into a friends group which is a good thing. I like what you wrote about Eleanor and Frank. They both get together, love and respect one another and their families. This is how it should be. The new partner can never replace the deceased partner, but can respect them. If their new partner wants to talk about their previous partner, the new partner is patient and lets them talk of their previous love. If this happens it is so freeing for both parties in the relationship.
    Love is all around so let’s keep i that way. L.

  4. It is a joy to find love after a lost one. Congratulations to Frank and Eleanor. True love is hard to find. Once it is found, treasure it and make the best out of it.

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