You know that February is International Friendship Month, right?

Send International Friendship Month EcardsYes, so it is. I’m looking for friendship quotes from you which can inspire our friends all over the globe. As you must be knowing by now, we are trying to build up a readership community of all my friends and you are welcome to join the group and the fan page. The more the merrier is our motto, but there is no point in joining and just hanging around there! The idea, and I’m repeating myself here, is to be there for each other and build up a support base. I want you guys to interact with each other and only then will my objective be attained.

Here’s a friendship quote that I really liked. It’s a Spanish proverb: “Life without a friend is like death without a witness.” A difficult road gets more difficult to travel when you don’t have a friend to cheer you along. I have seen people get cranky and lonely when they could not find a proper support system of their friends. I have been very luck that way. My life in one of the busiest cities of the world will come to nothing if you take away my group of friends. They have a huge hand in making me the person I am. Do you have friends who inspired and influenced you? Write to me with the story. I may publish that on my newsletter or blog with your names!


One thought on “You know that February is International Friendship Month, right?

  1. B. An affirmative on friends who have inspired and have influenced me. My painter friend, who sticks to her guns when it comes to creating her art work. She’s a contemporary realist painter and is not impressed with the modern 20th-21st century abstract movements. By many an art critic, she is criticized for this. But she doesn’t pay any attention to these critics. This inspires me in my own work. She taught me to stay focused, do what my heart tells me and ignore the critics, the popular. Then there is my husband who often gives me the best ideas for my paintings. Who is always behind me in whatever I decide to do. He never falters and loves my friends as I do. Then there is my gardener friend, who just likes to be a handyman and do odd jobs. He likes the simple things in life. Enjoys tending gardens, yards for himself and his family and friends. He and I make soup together and just watching him cut vegetables so patiently moves me. He is a good story teller, too. Loves to travel and see his friends (in America, Poland, Switzerland) who he assists in tending their gardens, orchards. I just had to paint him as I have learned so much from him. Then there is my petite 4’11” girl friend who is a black belt in karate. She has shown me no matter how you are built, what height, weight, you can learn how to produce great strength. And in this, you can remain steady and firm. Then finally there is my writer guy friend, who has taught me what real love is. Love for all people. How to be patient and understanding with all folks. Not just your friends or family but with the person out on the street trying to survive, the poor, the weary, the destitute. My writer friend has inspired me to really try to “see” the person inside the outer person you a looking at. Can be a very difficult and heart wrenching thing to do. By reading his incredible books/ viewing his art work and just being with him has influenced me in my art work and in trying to be a better person in my daily life. I am not the same since I met him several years ago. Was hard to change as I didn’t always like what I saw about myself, but that’s ok. I am happier, freer for it now and in knowing he is my dear friend, life is so fulfilling. L.

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