An Esthetician In The Making!

Send Love EcardsBy the year end, this will really be counted as one of the most surprising events of 2008! And very appropriately so. I was having my morning coffee with some relish. That is the only time of the day that I feel blessed actually, what with work buzzing in my ears through the day. I like to keep my phone off then, but it was one of those days when I forgot to do that. And sure enough, it started beeping. ‘Irina’ flashed on the screen. Now that was a surprise. What would she want to say this morning? Taking it for granted it’s an emergency, I took the call without another thought.

“Hello Bob,” the voice was too upbeat to belong to a woman who was in an emergency. I was in serious doubt now. “Do you know what an esthetician is?” I was not prepared for this, even though I knew who an esthetician was, I couldn’t answer her quick enough. So she just let me have it, “ya know, in this age of recession, people are looking for a second income or other means of getting money. But hair stylists, skin care professionals and estheticians are doing well in these times in comparison to others…” “Hang on right there,” I cut in, “are you ok?” This was sooo not Irina! I mean since when did she start talking like an economist?

I was completely taken aback! Irina and economy talk?! And what was this esthetician thing that is she pulling out? It was really too much to take in and too early too. She talked for the next twenty minutes. I couldn’t get much, but the point is, she wants to be an esthetician. She wants a license to practice the skills that she has picked up over the years and also learn a few tricks of the trade. She has a natural flair for makeup and styling, so she feels she can do a great job of it. Her new love interest is encouraging her in this as well.

Yeah sure! More chances of him doing this to keep her occupied than genuine encouragement, if I may add! Anyway, I encouraged her on her pursuit to be an esthetician and when I disconnected, I was already late but most definitely amused!

Are you interested in the work of an esthetician? Are you looking for alternate modes of income? What’s your take?


3 thoughts on “An Esthetician In The Making!

  1. B. I’m not interested in becoming an esthetician, but I love what they do. Thank goodness thye exist. They can make people look good and in turn can make them feel good. Especailly someone like me who hasn’t a clue on how to prettify oneself. Irina sounds like a natural. By your written descriptions of her she sounds beautiful and her presence in a room seems to attract other people’s attention. The making of an excellent esthetician. She also doesn’t sound self-invloved. That is, she seems to care much about you, your friends, her friends and other folks. It’s not all about her, her looks and her fashion. Even though she takes a great deal of care on how she looks, she doesn’t fall all the way into the mirror of vanity. An occupational hazard when it comes to some estheticians. She’s a sweetheart. L.
    (ever heard the Blue Oyster Cult song, “Pretty Girls?”) check it out.

  2. Hi Bob,

    I’m an esthetician and I had my own salon at home for quite some time. I love helping people and this was one way I could do that. The only problem was I was already working full time and then coming home and working till midnight each night and weekends as well. I really wore myself out. It is a very satisfying job though as you can see results on people almost immediately.

    I now have another business that I run from home and that’s cake decorating. That’s also very fulfilling cause I feel like I’m bringing a little sweetness in people’s lives.

  3. B. Correction, the Blue Oyster Cult song I had mentioned above is titled, “Mirrors” and not “Pretty Girls’- as that’s a line they sing in the song. Got it mixed up. Have a listen. BYC was from New York City back in the 70’s. Their famous song, “Don’t Fear the Reaper” was a big hit that I went ga-ga over in my teens. To this day, I have all their albums/CDs and are all on my IPOD. Incredible lyricists, singers, musicians. Clean guitar work. Cool guys. Hey, you never know, you may see them in a NYC night club or two as I hear they still perform. L.

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