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Send International Friendship Month EcardsDid you know that February is International Friendship Month? Well, so it is and I’m glad that it is so. The times call on us to stick this out together. To build up a forum of solidarity among all my readers across the globe, I’m trying to build up a readers’ community where people can come in and share their views about topics that are abstract, commercial or gut-wrenching. You can take part in this as well. Join the 123Greetings Official Fan Club or the Bob Lawrence Fan Page on Facebook. The idea is to get as many readers as possible under an umbrella. I want you guys to know each other and connect with each other personally, and not just through my writings. I want to pass on the power to you. I’m really excited because we have guest writers, who are also readers, contributing to the newsletter too! If you think you can inspire people with your stories of family, love and friendships, please let me know and I’ll publish them!

There’s another announcement that I’d like to make here. February being the International Friendship Month, you can get to our “Friendship Quote Discussion Board” and contribute there. I want to publish some of them on this blog with your names. If you have a friendship or love story that you want to share with readers like you, you are always welcome. So get cracking and get back to me as soon as you can.


3 thoughts on “Join My International Friendship Network!

  1. B. Feel free to publish anything I write to you. Last week, I recieved your emails through my office email system and replied to you, but apparently you did not receive my replies. So I am emailing you on this blog. I don’t care if it goes public. All the world should know you are the best! Also I will do as you suggest about having my friends join the Newsletter fan club. I have been steadily emailing them. They do seem interested. Find the Newsletter really creative. Thanks again for all your kindnesses, stories and friendship. L.

  2. B. I just want to send you my warm wishes to you and your friends during Friendship Month. You really know how to bring people together- worldwide. Now that’s a talent! I am glad I am your friend.
    Though I’m not a fan of football nor for the Superbowl, I do like seeing my friends who are, get all hopped up for the big game. Here in Boston, the Patriots have won 3 times and my school is near the street where they had paraded for the Victory parade. No way could I hold classes nor my students as they wanted to see the parade. My friends went wild in the streets celebrating the championship. Whatever makes my friends feel happy, makes me happy, too.
    I enjoyed reading about Rick and his excitement for the Superbowl. He sounds like a true Texan. I know a few myself. Eee-ha! You really described him so well. I feel like I almost know him.
    And the “Love Struck” story on your friend, Irina ,was hot. It’s about time someone paid attention to that girl. She sounded so attractive and fun. You were so perceptive in seeing that there was a new love in her life.
    Though, I have been wanting to know how your friend, Berka, has been? I do recall you saying how she created a film about children of refugees. How did that ever turn out? Sounded really intriguing.
    In regards to your paragraph on the Oscars, I do think, “Milk” will receive quite a few Oscars. Was a brilliant movie about a great man. What a person! He was from New York City and moved to San Francisco. Recently, I even saw an exhibition about him in San Francisco at the Public Library. Saw a video of him there. He had such a kind voice. I could listen to it all day long. I believe you can tell a person immediatley by their voice. Just close your eyes while talking to a person and I find I can hear what they are about, their personality, their ways. Harvey Milk was really there for the people. He is sadly missed. Too soon. Too soon…
    Have a good weekend, L.

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