Choosing Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Send Valentine's Day EcardsThe charm of Valentine’s Day is in the air. There is a sense of urgency in couples to buy gifts for their beloved and I am being used as a sounding board to bounce Valentine’s Day gift ideas for a lot of my friends. I know things will reach a feverish pitch as THE day approaches. There will be last moment cancellations and flipping of ideas. Amidst all this chaos, the one thing that popped up in my mind is to try and figure out what you should keep in mind while choosing a Valentine’s Day gift.

Choosing a Valentine’s Day gift is not going to a shop at the last minute and picking up something up on an instinct. It requires planning and carefully understanding the tastes and preferences of your sweetheart. If she’s not into music, there’s no point giving her an ipod, no matter what the cool quotient is. And when you get a Valentine’s Day gift, try not to let your money talk. It’ll earn you more brownie points if you get something that has emotional value rather than something that costs a bomb, but looks awful. If you have to get something golden, get a golden watch and not a golden football!

Artistic value is always appreciated, no matter what the occasion. Especially so on Valentine’s Day. Do you agree with me? What factors will you be keeping in mind while choosing your Valentine’s Day gift? Chime in!


6 thoughts on “Choosing Gifts for Valentine’s Day

  1. B. Valentine’s Day is one of the most special days of the year. A celebration of the heart. I give out Valentines that I have created. Absolutley! Over the years I have painted, drawn, printed, photographed Valentines for my loves and friends. (Being a painter, I have created gifts with artistic value for almost all occassions. And I have had friends who have given me home made/ artistic gifts. They are so incredible, you wouldn’t believe. I will treasure them always. Nothing like creating something hand done. It can not be replicated and it is an expression of a person’s heart. That is the dearest gift of all.)
    Through out the years, I even have gotten together with a gang of kids and taught them all how to make fun Valentines. There are so many types of Valentines to create. We can get so overwhelmed at times, as to what kinds of Valentines to make. So we pick and choose, then focus on creating Valentines that will catch our friends hearts.
    Happy Valebntine’s Day to you, Bob. Will be sending you a Valentine’s e-card soon. You’re the sweetest person. L.

  2. B, I could not agree with you more. It is the gift from the heart that counts, not the gold or the silver. It is something that will go right to the heart, something special, something that nothing can compare.

  3. golden football… hahahahha… fa la la la la….
    your too cute … bob, the writer….

    gee! sometimes i feel like crying because your newsletters touched life, but yet at anohter time, i feel like step on your foot… you know why? well, you should guess, i’m sure you have a brain of an elephant to understand so much about fact of life and remembering well…

    good luck to your writing always.
    i’m napping.

  4. I am currently single. Although, I just started dating a guy this week. If we work out and are still dating in the next couple of weeks, then to me, it’s just about being able to spend the time together. Not about gifts. Even if we are only hanging out at my place watching a movie. That’s good for me.

  5. You are right Bob. Presents should have emotional or spiritual value. It is about what they are expressing not a value they are holding. So, a meaningful book, or music or anything that has some story behind that can be relating it would be the right present.

  6. I agree with the homemade gifts. Homemade gift baskets and items started for me and my family over 10 years ago. We couldn’t afford Christmas presents for all of our family, so we started making Christmas baskets. We do the same thing for other holidays also. Making the baskets and coming up with ideas also brings my family together. Everyone has a project for the basket, whether its wood burned placks, homemade aprons and candles, hand prints, pictures. One year I typed out all of my favorite recipes and put them in a mini album. We took pictures of us working on crafts and decorating for the holidays and I put those pictures in the mini albums also. It wasn’t hard, but those recipe albums were a hit. Homemade gifts are treasured by the recipient. So take the time to make your gift. I promise, it will be a treasured gift that will far outlive a purchased, definitely not one of a kind, gift.

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