New Year Party – the Surprise!

Send New Year EcardsOh boy, do I have a story to tell you. I knew I wanted to spend New Year’s Eve with my friends but I didn’t know they’d become friends from hell at half past midnight! I ended up in the middle of several warring parties. Ya, you read it right folks, everyone, or almost everyone started fighting. Rick and Kaitlin was the couple who started it all. Kaitlin wasn’t pleased with Rick’s behavior in the morning and afternoon, she wanted something special since it was New Year’s Eve and all. Our man Rick just couldn’t get a clue and did everything wrong in her eyes. Ya know how some of us guys can never pick up any clues or hints from the ladies unless we were told directly. Well something must’ve ticked off Kaitlin really bad since she walked out of my pad right after mid-night. Rick chased her down the street, even without his coat on, but she wouldn’t have it, she went straight home.

Seth and Megan were also at it. Something about Megan’s attitude in the kitchen that finally ticked Seth off. I don’t know what exactly is going on with those two but I know it’s going to be bad news.

Irina came in with her drones of friends who kept coming in and out. Yup, I had a lot of crashers alright who kept coming in and out. I tell ya, she hangs out with the most interesting lot in town! One of the girls, Martina passed out on my bed! It was a really really strange night! How was your celebrations? Was it as crazy as mine? Holla back and let me know!


11 thoughts on “New Year Party – the Surprise!

  1. B. Sounded like a wild 1st night. Some times things are just in the air.For no rhyme or reason. Hope things patch up with everyone, though.
    My New Years eve was peaceful and quiet. Spent it with a few friends. Had drinks and munchies and come midnight, banged a couple of pots and pans , and shouted “Happy New Year” outside our front door. Was chily night, too, so we hurried back in the house.
    So wishing you and your friends all good things for 2009. L.

  2. I live in an island in the Pacific. New Year Eve is quiet here. We never have any parties or surprises. The family usually have a dinner together. Then we go to the beach and watch the stars and the moon in the sky. It is quiet but we are happy. we appreciate the wonders of God and every moment we could share with our family.

  3. Yesterday is history; tomorrow is mystery.
    Today is a gift, and is called present.
    Make good use of the time, a reminder to oneself.

  4. Happy New Year to you Bob. You sound like a great guy. Its nice to know your friends. Good people is a blessing to us. I hope we can hear about your love life Bob.

  5. Hey Editor Bob,
    My New Year’s Eve was pretty ok…nothing like yours though. This year I stayed home and celebrated with my dad, bro and his girlfriend and a friend from the neighbourhood. I thought New Year’s Eve would be disaster for me as I broke up with my boyfriend. But it was nothing like that. The night was just great Thanks to my friends…called for movie and food…the food was great but the movie was the problem…watched the begining and all the action…the ending the CD decided to get stuck…but with our chitter – chatter we ended staying awake till 4:00 in the morning. Then all of us chose a comfortable place to rest for the next few hours 🙂

  6. I had a party at my house on New Years day,so i had to prepare all the food drinks and the vasilopitta cake that we make for the new year.We put a coin in it and then share it with our quests .Whoever finds the coin will have good luck the whole year round.I had a small disagreement with my sister cause i told her that i would renew my house and she said that it would cost me too much.She calmed down afterwords when she found the coin in the vasilopitta cake.
    But i think that you must have had a really good time on New Years day and we would like to hear about it.Buy for now.

  7. I have lost the interest in partying for a long time but I do enjoy the company of parties of friends sometimes, especially during festive seasons. The best of all times, however, is the time with true friends and family. Friends there are many, but as Bob you have mentioned, many are mere acquaintances. What bind the “friends” and us together is merely just one or two things in common, or the space we are confined together at that particular time span. Sorry Bob, it must be Monday blues.

  8. Hey Bob, my New Year wish is good health for my friends. Health is wealth. People can take away things from you, but they can never take yourself away if you are in good health, and that self can do so many things.

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