Editor Bob’s New Year’s Eve Plans

Send New Year EcardsDeciding on a venue for our New Year party was a hard decision to make because we really wanted a party and we wanted the kids to be involved too. So we decided to make it at two places. Donna is going to have a small New Year’s Eve dinner, get together at her place so the kids, Rachael, Emily, and Ethan can enjoy and we can play with the dogs. Even Eleanor and Frank are coming with her grandson in tow! They’re giving Mike and Lisa a break for the night.

The after dinner party of course continues at my place. Rick as usual is going to be bringing the booze. Steve is going to be bringing the new lady friend of his so we can all meet her. Both Kate and Jeffrey are going to be there so it’ll be interesting what is going to happen… Irina, as usual, the social butterfly is going to be bringing a bunch of her friends in and out. Well, we’ve talked about the party and we’re going to be making it as if it’s an open house. That’s why we decided that my place was the ideal place. It’s close enough from Times Square and also the Village so anyone can drop in as a stop point in their journey wherever they’re headed. I think I’m going to be meeting a lot of funny characters though. It’s going to be a crazy night as usual! Adrian is looking forward to it too.


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