Christmas Special: Celebrating St. Nicholas Day

Send St. Nicholas Day Ecards St. Nicholas Day can be perceived as a precursor to the concept of giving gifts at Christmas. This year on St. Nicholas Day I have planned a surprise for my little friends Rachael, Ethan and Emily. You can read more about that in my newsletter. I think the best gift that you can give to little children is lots of care and attention. Do you know that children make a sub-conscious note of everything elders around them do? I read that somewhere a long time ago, I don’t really remember where. That article made me stop and think before I do or say anything whenever I’m around my niece Rachael and her friends.

I think it’s very important of us “grown ups” to behave responsibly when we are with children, even if they’re not our own. I have been reading the comments you guys are leaving me. Most of you seem to agree that the monetary value of gifts is of least importance. I agree. As I told you about giving gifts this holiday season, I’ll urge you again to think about homemade gifts and things that you can do around the house, or with arts and crafts. These are more personal gifts and personalizes the gift in more than one way. They also convey your emotions to your satisfaction. Get cracking and don’t forget to keep me posted on what you are making!


3 thoughts on “Christmas Special: Celebrating St. Nicholas Day

  1. Dear Bob ,i agree with you that the gifts that we make are much more important and personal than the things that we buy.Every Christmas at my sons school they make their own Christmas cards.They put their own designs and thoughts and also their photographs.I’d rather receive this card than any other store buy card.
    Buy for now.

  2. What the children experience shape their life. I could not agree with you more. It is not easy to be a parent. I remember someone says, “give love to children, and they grow up to love the world.” Perhaps love is what children lack today.

  3. Handicraft is a good idea for gift. My sister used to make handmade Christmas decorations and present. We still use the decorations she’s made every year.

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