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Send International Hug Day EcardsA hug can speak a thousand words. I woke up to the medical effects of hugging after a little nudge from a friend. With International Hug Day coming up, I read up on it myself. I realized that it was actually true that a hug can make you feel healthier and there is a marked positive change in the mental state of a person who has hugged or who has been hugged. There were a lot of studies on how babies need to be hugged and the amount of hugs they get shape their personalities.

And that’s not it, hugs are really useful and healthy! For instance, a hug can stabilize your blood pressure, even if for a short period of time. It can reduce stress and bring you out of your depression. But most importantly, it can do wonders for you when you want to show that you care and you are concerned. Especially a friend who is going through a tough phase in her life, like my friend Kate. Read more about her in my newsletter.

Pause for a moment and think, how often do you give out hugs?


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