Giving Thanks During Hard Times

Send Thanksgiving EcardsWe all know that Thanksgiving this year is going to be different, especially with the economic recession staring right at our face. The first thing that’s you’re going to be thinking about is, what am I going to buy this Black Friday? What gifts will I give my kids or relatives this Christmas? Most of us don’t want to spend money and we’re all facing this dilemma. But you know what, Thanksgiving and the days after Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be about spending money. Take a step back this Black Friday and think about the personal ways of saying “Thank You” and giving gifts to the people you love. Giving gifts don’t always have to be materialistic. Think about the gift of hugs, kisses, the gift of friendship where materialism is not attached.

I love it when I hear stories about couples making coupons for each other with ‘A Kiss’ or ‘A Hug’ written on them. This small thing could be fun and bring that feeling of togetherness in a new way. You could also think about handcrafts and carve little things for your loved ones, all by yourself. Even if the end product is not perfect, the effort you put in will not go unrewarded. Give it a try. This Thanksgiving tug at your heart than at your purse. Holla back and let me know what personalized Christmas gifts you’re thinking of doing yourself. Happy Thanksgiving!


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  1. Hi, this is going to be a bad christmas for me and my 2 sons and they are not here for thankgiving . but the most important thing to me being a single father of two teenage sons is that they do know that dad loves them and i always will, i have two most wonderful sons and am thankful for the chance the lord gave me to raise them. i wish each and every one a happy Thanksgiving . and my their god bless and keep them all safe , warm and loved.


  2. Editor Bob,

    From one mother’s heart, just wanted to say how much the
    free e-mail cards mean to me. My youngest son is now serving with United States Army in Afghanistan and reaching out with
    one of your cards is very special to both of us & reconnects those heart strings.

    Sharon G.

  3. thank’s for sharing your idea’s and design from your card to us for free. Seeing for more design idea.

  4. My parents are elderly and really don’t need a lot. But mom has never really liked to cook and as she gets older it has really become a chore. So for Christmas I am going to give her coupons for home-cooked meals, with plenty of leftovers for the freezer. In fact, I started a little early as I arrived at her house on Wednesday with a double recipe of spaghetti sauce that should tide them over for a while.

  5. Today, I am thankful for our United States of America, most of all, our beautiful troops in the Armed Forces who protect our nation. Secondly, I am thankful for my Dad. He turned 100 years old this year 2008. He was born on June 24, 1908. We in America have much to be thankful for, i.e. Our U.S. Constitution.

  6. I am not buying very much this year – it is ALL about giving of myself. There is a man I used to work for that had to lay me off due to the economy. But he has still gone above and beyond for me and I used to do his books. His wife is doing his books but she is not trained so this year I am offering a “free” day of doing his books, even preparing for tax season.

  7. Hi Bob,

    Well I am just a simple person living in the Netherlands.
    Life isn’t about the materialistic things, its all about sharing
    love, joy and happiness and sorrows too.
    Just being a good friend to someone means more then the most expinsive gift to buy!
    I know there are a lot op people in this world who has a hard time just to survive! I know what it is myself..but….sharing my love with others gives me a great feelin inside.
    Me too can’t buy christmas presents for my kids..already happy that i can give them a good warm meal every day, but I’m not complaining. I will manege somehow.
    I do believe if we share our love together, be one…it would make this world so much more beautiful!

    Warm greetings for you

  8. Dear Bob,i did not know that things were so bad there in America with the economical crisis.Here in Cyprus we haven’t yet felt it.On Sunday my younger son he is almost 9 will have his name day and my older son he is 10 he’ll make him a card just by himself. I know that my younger son will not appreciate it so much cause he is a maniac with the computer games and i know that i ‘ll have to get him one for this occasion.We adults understand of the economical crisis but try to explain that to a child.
    I’ll tell you about my Christmas holidays in an hour. I’ ll get back to you in a while.

  9. Dear Bob

    Just a quick email from across the pond! Not being familiar with your Christmas traditions, do you have mince pies? Well, I’m thinking of my own mincemeat (fruit not meat!) for Christmas gifts this year and am busy looking for suitable jars etc.

    Keep up the good work

  10. My husband had a heart attack a month ago and I learned how precious life is and no matter how tough things are for us right now, I still have many blessings and one of them is that he is still here to share this Thanksgiving with me and our daughters. I have thanked God every day for not taking him. Focus on the positive and don’t dwell on the negative…

  11. Hey Bob!!!
    I’ve been reading your newspaper for over a year now and I can tell you are a sensible man.
    Let me tell you something about home-made gifts for Christmas and for any other celebration. I’m from Argentina, a not so wealthy country. So I make a lot of home made gifts. Las year, for St. Valentine’s I made cupcakes, put them in a box and under each one I stuck a post-it saying something like: I love you, you’re the best, be my valentine, for a great person, candy for someone sweet and others. People just loved it!!! And we don’t really celebrate St. Valentine’s here.
    For St. PAtrick I invite firends over, make dinner with lots of green stuff, and then, for the toast I prepare green beer (with mint)
    For Christmas last Year, I made little things like home made sweets and wrapped them ten times, kids loved the game… or we just did boxing games… there were as many pagkages as people, most of them were pachaged and wrapped same amount of times. So you grabbed one and took one wrapping off and passed it on to the next person who does the same and so on, at the end, everyone ends up with a gift… and it may be something tiny, something inexpensive, but the game makes it important.
    I believe the best way to deal with low cost celebrations is to compensate with fun stuff.
    Now, everybody look under their dishes… I’m sure there’s a note there telling you where the scavenger hunt begins… and you will find dessert there!!!! Go, go , go, go before it spoils witht he heat (Christmas here is summer… very warm summer)
    Hope you enjoyed this message!!!


  12. thank’s for sharing your idea’s and design from your card to us for free. Seeing for more design idea.

  13. Hey I get your emails and I love reading some of your stories! I wanted to tell you about what I’m thankful for which are my family and friends. This year I don’t get to see my extended family in Mississippi but im even more thankful that they called and makes me cherish the times we do get to hang out. Goodbye, editor bob

  14. Hey Bob,
    I am not looking forward to trying to shop for my
    four children this year, as they are teens and hard to shop for period! But I am so THANKFUL to even have them, that I make it a point to share a piece of myself with each and every one of them in the weekends leading up to Christmas. We dont have alot, but I take them each shopping and let them help me buy for the others. They know each other so well, that they come up with ideas that are on budget so easily, that not only does it help me, it makes me smile that they can think of each other on this special holiday. I truly appreciate your newsletter, for in these times, it is nice to be reminded that there is another person out there in another big city that thinks of others first.

    April in Houston

  15. Happy Thanksgiving to All! I can be thankful for family, good friends, good food, and love! I’m not spending nearly what I have in the past for Christmas, but making scrapbooks for many of my friends. It’s personal, not too expensive, but shows that I spent a lot of time for them.
    Happy Holidays Everyone!

  16. first i would like to thank you for all the lovely cards that i can send to all my friends far away. every month i would save a few dollars and buy some gifts for a very dear friend and her family. no matter what we give they will love it cause they know it come straight from our hearts. to those who are sending gifts do not worry even if only cost a few cents cause it is the thought that counts.even a ecard will bring smiles to their faces cause they know they are in our heart.

  17. Hi Bob – Happy Thanksgiving – we don’t really celebrate out here in India, but that doesn’t stop us from being thankful :).
    Just wrote a post on what I’m thankful for in my blog Everyday Gyaan – would love to have you comment on it.


  18. Hi Bob,

    Your feelings are much more important than the physical gifts. Your love, care and effection can not be equated with materialistic things.


  19. Hi Bob,

    This year won’t be much about giving gifts, we’ll do a few, but not as many as my kids are used to. We want to make it more about the true Christmas spirit. We want it to be about being with friends and family and giving, as you mentioned, gifts made from the heart. I have a few craft ideas of things that I will have to find the time to make and I know they will be appreciated as my time is currently very limited with my new job (which is what I am the most grateful for during these hard times).

    I wish everyone a blessed holiday season hoping that you can be with loved ones. And a great big THANK YOU to all of our troops that are away from their loved ones – may God bless each and every one of them and their families.

    Thanks Bob for the wonderful cards you provide.


  20. Bob, thank you for the nice thoughts about Thanksgiving and Christmas. Sometimes we forget how to say thanks without being materialistic. This is a good reminder of how to say thanks from the heart. Wish you and your family a happy Thanksgiving and Christmas too.

  21. It’s Christmas every day if we are able to acknowledge it… As for me, i am thankful for having a loving family, dear friends and a job… I think all the money of the world can’t buy these and they’re a Blessing from God!
    Recession or not, life runs on simple and human acts that we have to share and enjoy.

    Have a Merry Christmas (not Holiday!!!!!)

  22. Dear Bob,
    Thanks for this great website. Providing a place to make connections with others is appreciated! I definitely feel good energy here.
    As for giving memorable, affordable gifts on a tight budget, think about writing a poem to a loved one or sharing a memory about why you appreciate that person and how they have affected your life. One year I followed through on a great idea that I read in Guidepost magazine. Take a new year calendar and at the beginning of each week write the name of a person, couple or a family whom you will pray for throughout that week. Write up a little explanation to give to each name on your calendar letting them know which week you will be focusing positive intentions their way.
    Well, thanks again. I find myself looking forward to “Editor Bob” popping up in my mailbox!
    Take Care,
    Barbara ^^^^^^^~~~~~~~~

  23. Hoping a very merry Christmas to all, and a safe and happy New Year. My Christmas will be simple, but enjoyable. I’m missing two members of my family, but memories are all I have now, but I will enjoy the rest of my family and my most precious friends. God bless all the soldiers everywhere.

  24. Funny the one thing I can think of right off that I am thankful for is your newsletters. I have never been a person with close friends too much trauma in my life to trust so I have buried myself in work 15 to 17 hr days. I look forward to your newsletters and seeing how people that are true friends interact with each other. I usually end up with a warm happy smile and I cherish anything that can bring a smile to my face. Keep writing and I will keep reading. God Bless you and all your friends.

  25. Hi Bob!

    Indeed this Christmas will be leaner then other years, but that is a blessing in disguise, because it is easier to give things bought with money than take the time to express our love for others verbally and giving of ourselves; so I take this difficult financial times as an opportunity to show love in new ways.

    I plan to invite a couple of families at a time for dinner or hot chocolate, a nice cozy fire and good conversation as my Christmas gift.

    Blessings to all,

  26. Well Bob, what you have written is very true. The most expensive gift is to be able to share love, happiness, sorrows and being able to be there when needed. Be able to be a caring person, a good friend to someone. That feeling or the sense of satisfaction is immeasurable.

  27. to me it’s not special at all.
    u know especially this time everyone seems indifference towards the festival,expect kids. so just buy something for the kids to make them feel satisfied. a good chirstmas, a good saint clause u be.
    tnx for ur sharing,bob

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