Laughing Together

Send Friendship EcardsI always think that friends who laugh together stay together. Don’t you agree? There may be times when you are having some sort of cold vibes with your friend and suddenly your friend says something incredibly funny. You crack up and the laughter breaks the ice. It maybe the joke is too banal for anyone else to laugh at it, but that doesn’t matter, does it? There are always some inside jokes that you share with your friends and these have become part of the fabric of your friendship. The point is that you ‘get’ each other’s sense of humor.

I have some ever-green jokes that I share with my friends as well, like different lines from funny movies or jokes from stand-up comics. Or my reaction when Steve played an April Fools’ Day trick on me! And Rick’s unforgettable face when Rick woke up after we left him in the lake! Sometimes it seems as if it happened yesterday, while sometimes it seems as if the events happened in some other lifetime. Do you have any such stories which are unique between you and your friends? I’m very curious to read them. Write to me.


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  1. Hi Bob,

    There is a funny scene that I remember well from the movie ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’. A nervous guy was getting married. The priest said, “follow what I say…. I shall take you as my lawful wife…” In his sweats, the poor guy said, “…I shall take you as my awful wife…”. That may be just a slip of tongue, but that may be a word of truth. Maybe that is really what the guy means in his heart! Sometimes we laugh at jokes at the lunatic side of it but how often that is the truth deep in our hearts.

  2. I have a stroy between me and a friend X. But we cudn’t maintain that relationship. we got fight and we dont talk till today. maybe she dnt like me also. the fight happens because of sm1 else who set it. even now i c her everdy but we dnt talk…. its real pain dear!

  3. Mornin Bob!
    My friend Tyler & i have been friends for almost 9 years now. We have def had our ups & downs. Shes always been there for me tho, as i have been there for her. In middle school we both loved MONKIES, they were so cute. Her father once called us “monkey #1 && Monkey #2” which has stuck with us ever since. No matter what, that day at the bowling alley, always has us rolling b/c he gave us the nicknames that lasted us through highschool. Its great to have those unforgettable memories.

  4. Hello Bob,
    When i was teenager, a group of my good friends came to my house at night with birthday cake surprised. We all sat outside the house. FYI, my house was on the river (raft house). Everbody happily sang birthday song and i happily blowed the canddles. One of my friends came toward me and pushed me, to avoid felt into the river i hold onto another friend later I realised she can’t swim. I quickly let go her hand and i felt into the river. Everybody clapped and laugh like the whole world going to collape. I was so scared inside the dark water but i pretended nothing happen. They pulled me out from the river, hugged me and wished me happy birthday. After changed we all proceed to the beach that night.

    That was unforgettable and very unique birthday gift i ever had.

    Have a nice day!

  5. well bob, i am in a similar situation that u are in. The difference is with me it is the other way round. That is my ‘ex’es want to be friends with me again. I want to say so very much no. I have reasons why i quit being friends with them to begin with. It didn’t work out and we moved on. Though i am unattached at the moment, i feel like turning to ‘ex’es is like being desperate. And i don’t want to be neither desperate nor settle for my second best. I would rather wait for my guy whom i don’t have gradge or a less intersting memory with.

  6. hi BOB,i wanna tell u that i have a niece,RENDA, a teenage,she is 16,i love her more than my sis. and she is my closest friend.i used to tell her everything and sharing her lots of my secrets.shes younger than me 9 years but i always listen to her as if she was in my age.we used 2 do crazy things 2gether that her mother would never accept…but its nice to do that things, remembering it in the future and just laugh about it…i love you RENDA.

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