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Send Pet EcardsHave you heard about the man who died and went to heaven? It’s one of those emails that people keep forwarding. The story goes that the man first went to heaven’s gate which had a grand entrance and asked if he could have water for himself and his companion — a dog. But the gate keeper said that no pets were allowed in heaven, so he kept walking. Then he found another entrance that was not so grand and he asked if he could enter and have some water for him and his pet dog. The gate keeper said to go right ahead and that there’s a bowl for his companion too at the fountain. So the man asked the gate keeper what place it was and the gate keeper said that it was heaven. “But the gate keeper down the street also said that it was heaven,” said the man. “Oh no,” said the gate keeper, “that’s hell, what kind of heaven won’t allow friends in?”

I really loved this story, I think it’s one of those stories that I don’t mind getting in my email over and over again. Looking at Rachael’s pup Toby, I keep thinking about love and friendship and I keep remembering about Kong when he was a pup. I mean when they say, “puppy love,” it really exists. And it’s unconditional love that your furry friend gives you and she or he will always be there for you no matter what. Do you have any pets? What are your pet stories? Do you want them to be featured in the newsletter, with your name and location? Let me know and send them into this email: bob@123greetings.com with ‘Pet Stories’ in the subject line. Get cracking!


3 thoughts on “Puppy Love

  1. very touching…
    I don’t remember how many years has it been I have been reading your newsletter; it always brings a smile, and warmth to the heart.

  2. I had a beautiful Cockatiel for 21yrs. His name was Mickey. He died Nov.12 of this year and it broke my heart. Mickey was a beautiful grey with bright orange markings near his ears. He brought so much joy into our lives. He was a lively little bird with a large vocabulary and a beautiful whistle. He would greet us when he would hear the door open and call to me in the morning to come and uncover him. He would keep me company throughout the day with a cherry greeting when I passed his cage. He hated certain commercials on tv and would squak loudly when they came on. He was not only my pet, but my dear friend. He would love to have his head scratched and would call to me and run to a perch and put his head down so that I would give him his head ticklel. To say I miss him is an understatement.
    Pets have a way of getting into your heart forever. am thankful for having my little friend for so many years and will always miss him.

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