The Ex Factor: Do you still stay as ‘friends’?

Send Love EcardsThank you for all the messages that you wrote in to support Mrs. Bradley. She was overwhelmed with the love and affection in those messages. She said, “Bob, the love you get from these people is rubbing off on me as well! Please thank them on my behalf!” So folks, thank ya all!

Let’s talk about something else today. Have you read that I met Laura the other day? It threw me in a rather awkward position because I didn’t know how to carry myself in her presence. I didn’t even know whether I must say ‘Hi’ or just move on with a smile. I have heard that many people are friendly with their ex-significant others, despite the fact that they are not in a romantic relationship anymore. Is that the best way to be? What’s your opinion on this? Are you friends with your ex?


8 thoughts on “The Ex Factor: Do you still stay as ‘friends’?

  1. Maybe it’s a generation thing that you young people have problems dealing with ex-lovers. Try going through cutthroat divorces with ex-wives from hell, where you wind up begging, “Here, take everything! Just give me back me!” Yet I still made nice with those women for the kids’ sakes at birthday parties, summer vaction pickups and drop-offs, school graduations, weddings, and births of grandchildren. All it takes is being adult.

  2. Well, no, I’m not friends with any of my ex’s. But they all treated me pretty poorly. All of them left me for someone else and at least one of them was cheating on me. Although, this last month almost every single one of them has contacted me, and a couple of them even apologized. I was able to forgive them, but we haven’t tried to actually change our friendship status.

  3. I’ve tried to stay friends with as many of my exes as possible…I don’t like acrimony and I try not to hold grudges. My son’s father is now one of my oldest and best friends even though our son is now grown; we’ve known each other over 30 years and it’s all water under the bridge now. I think you can be angry and hurt because of whatever split you up in the first place, but especially if you were friends first I just think it’s nice if you can stay friends afterwards. I’m the type that if I ran into an ex somewhere I’d probably get a big smile and say Hi! and ask how he’s doing. But I reckon that’s just me, probably not a lot of people feel the same way.

  4. I dont even know how to begin this LOL.

    It can be looked at from 2 perspectives,

    If your Ex is who has been someone you can talk to anything and everything, then you should try and remain friends, as its very rare that you find people, whom you can be completely yourselfs. You should also give it time, as u might not be ready to see your ex with someone else (if you still have feelings)

    2nd perspective, if the Ex has treated you miserably or if continuing to keep in touch just makes you feel miserable it should be cut off.

  5. Hey! You are a great writer. Have you written any books yet? Since you feel the way you do about your Ex, you do want to give yourself sometime to get over this feeling. Seems like the break up was just one sided for whatever reasons and obviously you did not want it.

    But, because Laura said she would like to meet up sometime, why don’t you ask her out and find out what she wants from this relationship. May be she has something to say to you. ..or Maybe she just wants to have you as a good friend. Would you be okay doing this? Do you think you can handle being just a good friend and not getting to be her significant other? Think about it…. Certainly give yourself some time to get over the physical infatuation.

    Definitely speak to her……

    Hope this helps!

  6. It is possible to maintain friendship with an ex- The intention has to be agreed upon first and formost. Once the intention is set. It transforms everything. I left my husband, separated in 1979, promising him I would honor and respect him in every way. He is the father of my children and it was paramont that our child have a comfortable and easy transition between the two of us. I intended for him to continue that relationship, We would share our sons needs. I would support myself as best I could without leagally forcing him to do so. That I would do everything in my power to not make this transition difficult in any way shape or form. He also resolved to this agreement. So in that we had a means of shedding the light of past love for one another on this new situation. It was not easy. It has been the hardest thing we both ever did in our lives. However the fake it till you make it worked. Eventually respect, honor, decency prevailed in all of our interactions and became the normal mode of communication. I even helped him out when he was without a job for many months. He was always able to call no matter what time of day or night. We were never rude to one another. He was always free to vist for as long as he wished. Our son spent summers with his Dad, and winters with me, in school. We Ex retired he moved to an RV and traveled a lot, coming to rest and restore often in our font yard with the RV, allowing him to save for wonderful trips with our son, they went fishing a lot.
    Today he has retired from his RV and lives with as, as an adult
    who is respected for his past, honored for his committment,
    and we share a friendly environment.
    We saved thousands in legal fees, saved ourselves by committing to a higher intention, that was based on honor and respect.
    I know I did this.

  7. I had to add my 2 cent’s to this. In the past girls were getting married as soon as they were able to have kids. Back then it was arranged in most cases. Way before they were even born. I agree age is not that big of a deal. I would think That the age is some thing we as the so called proper folks have but in our own minds. That a 20 year old is to young for a 30 year old. But I must say the age gap is a bit different. They do have to enjoy alot of same things as well as have about the same mind frame. Other wise it will not work.
    So many think that if their partner don’t like every thing they like to do, that it is wrong, There is nothing wrong with having some things that your other don’t like to do. That to me is a way to keep yourself as you. Some thing apart from your lover, Not to much different with that and the age thing.

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