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Send Love EcardsShould there be any age for love? That’s what I talked about in the newsletter. Frank’s love for Mrs. Bradley is unusual and she’s struggling to come to terms with it. I talked about it with a couple of friends. They supported the fact unanimously that anyone should be able to fall in love or be in love, no matter how young or old they are. Age has got nothing to do with it folks.

I would like to make another observation in this regard. I think after a certain age the meaning of love takes a new turn. It’s no more the fun of dating or partying that people look for in their significant other. It’s more about spending time together and protecting each other from the cruel barbs of loneliness. I know that I look for different things now in a partner. Meaning of Love has more depth, more meaning and more poignancy as you grow older.

What do you think? What’s your opinion on love and age? Comment below and share your thoughts.


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  1. Hi Editor Bob, Personally I feel that love has no age and kudo’s to anyone that is able to find love even if it’s later on in life. Love is immensly wondrous and has a way of making us all feel like a child full of wonder and excitement. I say BRAVO for love!!

  2. I’m 45 and about to marry a man who is 94. My health issues make me older, his (lack of health issues) make him younger. People think he is 65-70. It took me a long time to admit that I was really in love with him, but I am.

  3. Let me say this… I was married for 19 years in a relationship that probably should have never evolved from the beginning, but I did learn what I wanted in a relationship versus what I didn’t want. I have now been happily married for 2 weeks and to the right man this time. Love is beautiful when it is the right love. It should never be a struggle. Age, doesn’t make a difference. Actually the older you are, the wiser you become and you know more of what you’re looking for… Take your time Bob! You have a lifetime to live… Don’t rush it… Don’t fall in love just to be in love… You have a wonderful group of friends and when the right one does come along, you’ll know it and feel like the luckiest person in the world and so will she!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Awesome, I believe what you do and even when its Illegal between a young age like some of these teachers and students I believe if they really love each other they will wait for the time to grow up in age when your young to be together–thank you and tc. Have a wonderful day love your writings- Diana

  5. I agree with Theresa. Love doesnt know age, and to be in love is “youthful,” it makes the blood pump, it puts color in the cheeks and a twinkle in the eye.
    I am soon going to my 40th HS reunion. Someone I know recently went to hers. WE laughed and agreed that once you get past the shock of how “old” everyone looks, something else takes hold. You look INTO the eyes and the outer physical age disappears. In the eyes, you see the soul, you see the person as if they haven’t changed at all. There is something magical about being older and suddenly seeing that the essence of people does not change. Love can be even better with age.

  6. Hi Bob,

    I have been with the same Man now for 13 years. He is the best thing that has happened to me. I am in my 50 and he is in his 60. So Life is better when you do have it right the 2nd time around. Love is better with age.

  7. love has no age requirements. when it happens, it feels like the beginning of life: everything appears to be better or brand spanking new…the scent of flowers easier to smell; a song you have heard on the radio dozens of times suddenly has new meaning and the song becomes a new song; and so on. It truly is the beginning of life, as it probably should have been all along. SO, whether you are lucky enough to find love in your youth or have it spring up in the autumn of your life, ENJOY it for you may not have another chance at it…Paradise Found

  8. Love is something precious,that cannot be bought at the local store..It is something that happens sponataneously, and even if the two of them try to hide it , it comes out as radiance on their faces….It is a wonderful feeling and the world is lovely..It keeps you young at heart, no matter how old we grow…THERE IS NO AGE BAR TO IT AT ALL!!!!!!!!

  9. As we get older, we grow more mature, and through it our life changes including the way we love and date. But even so, that doesn’t mean that we lose that want or need to be compatible with someone and to have that life-long commitment.

  10. Love strucks you when you are not ready ,hits you in the middle and leaves you without saying goodbye. Always be alert , ready to let go.

  11. When i think of love, its just the feeling that filled in the heart.
    Makes you feel so happy and so fulfilled, where did age come in all of that.

    All that matters is how well do u get along and how completely and truly urself you are with your love, thats why its call being “soulmates”

  12. Well, im totally 100% agree of what you guys said, from age and love point of view, not to mention all uve been experienced, as for me I am stilll far away from that. I’m still 26 but have no idea of sucha things called love 😀 (funny… ) About couple years I lived with my bestfriends and thats more than enough for me, however as I moved to another continent, My GOSH… Loneliness really struct me!
    So, I really go on your statement “It’s more about spending time together and protecting each other from the cruel barbs of loneliness”
    See.. what i may learn from sucha word called : “love” *grinning*

  13. hmm! oky i agree with wat you people said about age & love, age is nothing but a number so dont hesitate to wait for your love to come at the right time, and you will be the happiest person on earth when you find your mr rigth. though i’m scared to fall unlove again. love is sweet

  14. Hi Bob,
    I dont know much on love. but yet i advise u to think well before taking any decisions. However, from my point of view, love is something really valuable and it is a feelings that touches the heart. Now if some1 does not control his emotions, then he can fall in love or ends up. Love has nothing to do with age. But at times when there is some kind of compromise. thats wat i wana say. bye

  15. Hey Bob,
    Thank you very much for this posting. I was reading over your responses. While I very much think seniors are old enough to know love and I encourage them to enjoy it to the fullest, I also back up on this subject. You see, something noone here has mentioned at all is something that I witnessed right here in my real life. You see, my daughter has a friend who is young, we are talking barely twenty now. A much older man, he is in his 40’s and he lied to this *child* in order to get/win her love. She adored him for nearly two years all the while, he drove a wedge between her and her family, friends. He was obsessive/possessive…possibly from all that age difference. Well, one day she learned he had lied to her, told her a fake age, did not tell her he had a felony. You see, this was the ultimate betrayal..yet, he said he did it all for love..? She is no longer with this man, thank goodness. My point is: While I agree with everyone on love coming at any age..we also need to remember think responsibly. If a much older man or woman finds themselves attracted to a barely adult/child..that is a big red flag. I am glad that this girl did not get harmed in any other way other than her heart broken and taken advantage of sexually. It could have been much worse. On a lighter note, my granny was in love, true love with a man younger than herself, but we are talking senior citizens. They both fit perfectly and it was a match made in heaven. The big difference was that they were honest about their age, they had genuine respect for one another. After all, true love comes with respect and caring for the individual. I just wanted to add this and I thank you for giving me the chance to do so. It is my heart to protect people in general and I never want to see another young girl or guy taken advantage of. True love is a valuable gift from God to cherish and keep. True love never dies, even if you do not talk to one another for any amount of time..when you love someone with all your might, those feelings stay and do not fade. God bless.

  16. what is love?
    for me love is like a rosary that full of know why?’coz in every beat of our hearts there are miracle that happened in our future.guides us in our relationship to each other and binds the love who is your a rosary,you pray all night then,what happens?it gives miracle,mystery and this way,i can say and i can share what is love for me.thanks for this opputunity..God bless.and more power!!!

  17. I am 60 years old and love has hit me very hard. The other party is 35 years younger. I have had two marriages and this has hit me out of the blue not wanting it and not looking for it. The other person from another culture stayed in my house and I found myself changing from political radio programs to the music ones. It is an unrequited love. He felt it too and has now moved out and got on with his life. I have loved but this was the real thing platonic but it will be with me forever.

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