Ground Rules for Friendship – Edition II

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Thanks for all your replies on what the ground rules of friendship should be. There were comments and mails, in which people had jotted down their thoughts and what they feel should be the ground rules of friendship. The replies were varied, as I had anticipated in my first post on this topic.

The responses had to be different, but there are certain points on which the verdict has been unanimous. Respect for each other’s personal space is one. Another would be to understand your friend without explanations. Let me explain.

Your friend must know you, your feelings, your likes, dislikes, hobbies, passions, tastes, choices and everything in between. That is when the need to explain why you did something doesn’t remain valid. There is a sort of telepathic bonding that tells you what your friend’s next step would be and what is expected of you. Some may say that it might make the friendship predictable, but that is only apparent. Knowing a person is a satisfaction in itself and makes your friendship all the more special.

By the way, I am expecting comments from your end this time, too! And stay tuned for my favorite Friendship Day cards. They will be published on this space soon!


8 thoughts on “Ground Rules for Friendship – Edition II

  1. I too believe that it is imperative in a friendship to really know one another, almost to the point where they can speak on your behalf when you have no words or when you are unable to stand, and they stand in the gap not because they have to but because they want to. They know exactly how you are feeling, what your response might be and are always looking out for your best interest out of love and care for you. I have really enjoyed receiving your newsletters and decided it was time I stepped it up and responded. They always evoke such great conversation pieces in my head, its actually quite comical at times. Your an amazing person and a great friend as I have come to through your stories. I love the fact that your stories are so real that they bring out the raw emotion in me. Sometimes I forget that tapping into that can be a very good thing and also bring healing in places that you didnt realize were still deep under the surface. Good luck with the online dating thing, but I dont see why you even have to go there. You seem like a great guy and I dont think you give yourself enough credit. The right woman will come along when you arent even looking(sounds cliche I know but I know it to be true. In the mean time be passionate about every task placed before you and spend time doing the things you love and dont comprimise in any way in your decision making in life and in choosing a future mate.

  2. Hi Bob,

    Sometimes I wish my friends know me better, but sometimes I wish not. That makes life more interesting. There is always something to discover of one another each day.

  3. Bob, what you and Lisa described is very beautiful, but very rare. As much as we may know our friend, it’s not always possible to know what they are thinking without talking to them. I think talking is essential in any relationship, it avoids misunderstandings and mistakes. But I agree that sometimes communication can be nonverbal, and that’s easier with friends. I mean, one of the many possible definitions of a friend is, “someone you can be together and not talk.”

  4. Hi Editor Bob
    I’m from Iran,It’s nice to read your newsletter ,it’s kond of alive and you write honestly.
    I also agree with Wil,a friendship is stronger if feelings are spoken,I always feel uncomfortable with a timid person who feels shy to tell me what he/she wants me to know.
    I often wonder what if your friends read your newsletter,do they ever take offence ?
    And another thing I wanted to tell you is that sometimes you use too much American expressions that makes it a little hard for some one not American to understand what you mean.Couldn’t you do anything about it?
    Wish you luck.

  5. Hi fella,

    It would be wonderful if people understand each other without talking. Sometimes I get tired and don’t wanna talk.

  6. hi bob ,
    i have enjoyed reading your blog on friendship . i have this one girlfriend that know’s me real good as in my taste’s , thoughts. there has been many a different time she would read my thought before i even said it and theni would say i was just thinking of that ..we would then lol with each other and go about to what we are going to do ..i know knowed her for over 14 yrs ..she to me is like a sister i never had before i have two older brothers..

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