Happy Father’s Day and A Blend of Updates

Send Happy Father's Day EcardsHey people,

So many of you messaged me about Kong so here’s a quick update. Kong is doing well now, whatever Seth gave worked. He’s a happy dog these days, enjoying the weather outdoors and playing with his Frisbee.

The explosive couple, Rick and Kaitlin are back together AGAIN! (Read the story here if you missed it.) They sorted out their differences over this week. Well, Rick pulled the “I didn’t leave you in the desert,” line. And a couple other tricks up his sleeve–like apologizing profusely and getting her a kitten. Yes, he got her a kitten! There was a litter near his place that one of his neighbors was selling. I haven’t seen it yet but Kaitlin says it’s really cute. I guess Rick has some extra dough on his hands since he stopped buying cigarettes.

In other news, Father’s Day is this weekend! Have you got anything for your old man? Well, you can always check out our neat ecards and send him one. If you have trouble picking one out, you can check out my favorite selection here and my favorite ecards among the new ones that just went online here.

And Happy Father’s Day to all you studs out there who are blessed with a kid. Here’s a Zen quote I’d like to share with you, it’s from former Governor of New York, Mario Cuomo. He said, “I talk and talk and talk, and I haven’t taught people in 50 years what my father taught by example in one week.” It’s one of my favorite quotes because that’s exactly what my dad did.


30 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day and A Blend of Updates

  1. Hey Bod, this is Abby from Beijing, really like your stories and sharings about the life in NY city, so interesting! …Thanks and have a nice weekend…..

  2. Well i been receiving ur newsletter in my email for months. But intill today i actually read ur blog!!! u write alot of true thing!!!

    Glad ur Kong is better!!!


  3. Hi Bob,

    This is Lisa from Pittsburgh, I really enjoy reading your blog… love the stories about your friends and family! You sound like quite a catch.. too bad you are in NY! ; ) Have a wonderful birthday!!

  4. Hey Bob!
    I just had to drop you a line to tell you that you’ve made an addict out of me. I started out using 123.greeting.com to send e-cards to friends. I then starting getting your newsletters. I’ll be honest, I didn’t read them at first, but a story caught my attention so I began to read. To be honest, I think it was right before Aaliyah left town. Well not I just can’t stop reading them. I have you on my myspace, and am now becoming a blog reader. Thanks for sharing your life with us. By the way, I can’t help to read about my all-time favorite city to one day visit…NYC!!!

  5. Hi Bob,

    I want to wish you a belated Happy Birthday!!!

    And thank you for your willingness to open up your life to all the bloggers out there; your messages show a strenght of character that I’m sure brings hope to many, plus they are really fun to read. I will pray for you for the Lord Jehova to bring a good woman to your life to bring you joy and happiness. You sound like someone who deserves a fit help mate.

    Keep up the faith and the good work,

  6. I’m another June baby…..well, not exactly a baby! I am 70 years old today, but I still enjoy reading your newsletters! I keep hoping if you meet the girl of your dreams she will have a Grandfather for me!!

  7. love your newsletter. It is enjoyable and cannot live without it. I’m an addict. Keep it coming. Thanks and have a great b’day.

  8. Hi Bob,

    Very interesting newsletter and glad at hearing that Kong get well and resume his noramal life. Anyway, happy birthday and wish your birthday dream comes true. Waiting for your next newsletter!

  9. Hey Bob,
    Sorry to hear u’re single again but hey u’ve got a whole lot of frens, Kong and fans to keep u company.I believe that watever happens it happens for a reason.So cheer up and have a wonderful birthday!

  10. Hey Bob,
    Hippo Birdies from a fellow Gemini (June 19) across the pond in Blighty…hope it was super! Love reading the newsletter and keeping up with the many lives and loves of Editor Bob…one day some lucky lady is going to get herself a great guy! Cheers! 🙂

  11. I always look forward to your weekly newsletter and enjoy reading everything.. from romance to facts of life … even if I am much older than you are. I am 50 years old from the Philippines. .I am sorry to hear that you got dumped.. i hope you will be able to meet a Filipina living in New York.. there are so many Filipina nurses there.

  12. hello Bob..
    someone from million miles wants to drop a belated birthday for you. Someone who can’t help reading your story of life and love…that someone is me! what a nice blog!

  13. Let the Birthday celebrations continue yearlong …..surely time passes-on at GOD SPEED ….stepping-in to next celebration time of ‘the CELEBRITY’

  14. Dearest wonderful BOB,

    Happy Birthday for you..! May your birthday become the most inspiring moment in your life..

  15. Hey Bob,

    I’m from the beautiful island of Palau…I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy reading your weekly newletter, especially the zen quotes at the end…happy belated b’day.

  16. Selam Bob!

    I’m from the land of 13th months of sunshine! Love your newsletters … keep it up! Happy belated birthday and May you have the best things you could ever have!

  17. Sorry for the late resposne but I hope you had an amazing birthday. Enjoyed with your friends & family. Don’t think about the past, look ahead to what’s to come.

  18. Hi Bob,

    Love reading your letters. Sorry about you lost love, it happened to me too. Enjoy your birthday and keep those letters coming.

  19. Happy belated birthday Bob. i enjoy reading your magazine. May God Bless and get you a girl worthy your efforts. Greetings to all your friends.

  20. Hey there Bob,
    I have become a fan of your and read your little stories and enjoy them very much. I have not really been doing this very long but you are a magnetic person that draws people to you. You already knew that, didn’t you? Anyway, I wanted to wish you a belated Happy Birthday and even ask, how young are you? If you don’t mind telling that part. Sharing your life with us is so much fun and I love the closeness that it causes. Keep blogging, it totally YOU!! God bless you in all you do. Waunita

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