In Remembrance of Our Veterans

Memorial Day EcardsThis Memorial Day is particularly significant for me. It’s been a while since I’ve heard much about the war in Iraq, let alone Afghanistan, but I’ve never been as up close and personal as I have been in the past couple of months. If you don’t know about my involvement with the wounded veterans you can read about it here.

Knowing Fred, who is an ex-Army guy, and meeting Laura helped me to understand and grasp the human side of this war. When you hear about the cost of this war, the figures are phenomenal. Sometimes, we forget that there’s a human cost for this war, too.

I was really glad when Fred told me about the Veterans Educational Assistance Act a couple of weeks ago. I think the GIs deserve way better benefits than what they’re getting now. I was surprised to learn that for every dollar invested in a WWII veteran, seven dollars were generated. With the economy in a recession the way it is, this seems like the best return on investment for our tax dollars right now…

So when you’re out at a barbeque or on your Memorial Day weekend trip, don’t forget the folks in the military who make it possible. Remember them and talk to your kids and family about them. And remember to enjoy the long weekend!


5 thoughts on “In Remembrance of Our Veterans

  1. one question, did any of us look at the other side of the war, i mean we all think about the americans but what about the Iraqi people…i mean the way i see it, they have nothing to defend themselves with. Americans have weapons plus support from their loved ones. what do the iraqi people have ? and i mean we can’t blame them because atleast the American soldiers CHOSE to go to Iraq, they CHOSE to participate in the war. But what about the kids in Iraq that did not have a CHOICE and had to die anyways. How come this is all happening. I have to say that i am only a human thinking of both sides, and this is how i see it.

  2. Bob, I don’t know how I got on your mailing list, but that’s OK, as it was interesting and humorous. I raise roses but not for flower show competition. Your friend’s neighbor should but do they have such a thing in New York.

    What I’m really curious about is how do you make a living is all of this is free?


  3. While the focus oftens goes towards our veterans of this current war, least we not forget the generations of those who went in previous wars. Our elderly veterans now have needs that often go unrecognized. There is a VA benefit that most do not know about and can be a financial blessing to those in need. It is called “Aid & Attendance” and you might want to see if your loved one would be entitled. Information can be found at Hope this helps someone.

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