Mother’s Day Road Trip: Day 6–Hi Mom!

This morning, we arrived around 7 am in Pasadena. We took a cab from the bus terminal. My parents must have heard the commotion I was making as I struggled to get my backpack and stuff out of the trunk. When my mom opened the door and saw me, she shrieked and rushed out to give me a hug. Mom was really glad and in tears when she saw me first thing in the morning. It was a big surprise for her. Megan took her stuff and walked across the street to her folks’ place. I’m sure they were glad to see her, too.

I told my mom, “Happy Mother’s Day”. Then I had to tell her the whole story about our trip, the big surprise we had planned, and about this blog. I gave her the necklace. She loved it… she said, “Just you showing up was the perfect Mother’s Day gift for me.” She gave me a journal that she had written when I was born. It was sort of a long letter to me, chronicling her thoughts during the first month or so after I was born. She had always intended to give it to me later, perhaps when she thought I was “a man” or when I had my first born or something, but she thought it was time. I’ve been reading it in bits and pieces because I wanted to spend as much time as I can with my folks. And you know what I just read? I read that she had wanted to be a writer too. I spoke to her about it and this is what mom had to say, “Ya know Bob, I’m glad you became a writer. In a sense, you’re living my dream and I’m very proud of that fact.” My mom is totally awesome. She’s read all my new blog posts too and she loves them… It gives you a warm feeling all over, knowing someone’s always got your back like that.

Oh I almost forgot, Rick and Kaitlin finally made it to my folks’ place. They haven’t killed each other yet! So far they’ve been behaving like adults and dealing with the situation. I’ll have to coax Rick into making him talk about what happened… Well stay tuned, it’s going to be like “Mission Impossible” for me to get him to talk to me about it–no, not his relationship with Kaitlin, but the death of his car. I think he’s in mourning.

And for all the moms out there, may you have a great Mother’s Day. And for the kids who are reading this, spend some time with your mom, tell her how much you love her and how much they mean to you. In the end, that’s the best Mother’s Day gift there is.

I’ll leave you with this Zen quote for the day, something my mom suggested to me. It comes from Hodding Carter, Jr., a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, “There are two lasting bequests we can give our children: One is roots. The other is wings.” I think Dad was more responsible for roots, but Mom definitely helped with the wings… or was it just the Red Bull? Just kidding, ma. 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day. Now I have to go spend some quality time with my mom!


Editor, 123Greetings


P.S. Thank you all for following our trip. See you back soon in New York City!


25 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Road Trip: Day 6–Hi Mom!

  1. Go ahead with this story!..It’s always fun to listen to people whose only problem is the wrong car-driving!
    May be the next adventure will be not sooo devastating ?!:)
    Actually it was time to have blog, Bob!

  2. This quote has always been near and dear to me:

    “There are two lasting bequests we can give our children: One is roots. The other is wings.”

  3. Hi, Bob! I’m a teacher of English as a foreign language from Brazil and I must say I’m a big fan of your newsletter. If for nothing else, just because we can learn so much about the American culture and language just by reading your interesting stories and comments on holidays. This blog, for example: is there anything more American than a road trip? I’ve tried to give you feedback on the newsletter but everytime I click on the link to “send feedback” I’m directed to a page of October 2oo7 __ I assume that was not the last time you had feedback from anyone! So it’s great to finally have an opportunity to talk to you through this blog. Take care!

  4. Wil: Muito Obrigado your support all the way from Brazil! Yes, I guess a road trip is a very American thing to do. I hadn’t thought of that before. I’ll check the link problem you mentioned. We’ve been setting up a new system for the feedback so I can respond to anyone at a faster rate. We’ve also been revamping the entire site overall, so it’s pretty exciting time at 123Greetings. I’ll send out a blog post once our redesigns are up. You can subscribe to the blog via RSS so you can send in your reviews!

  5. Hey Bob,
    I just got back from a road trip as well (but nothing like your’s) so I just got caught up on your blog. What a wonderful trip (with the exception of the car!). I hope you do some blogging for the trip home.

  6. aw poor kaitlen she must be really stressed out, you should talk to Rick as soon as possible cause i was waiting to know what happened between them, and i do think that you should give Kaitlen a chance she must be really nervous, after all its the first time she goes on a road trip (with rick) … so sorry for the car though 🙁 …but oh well everything happens for a reason … there must be a reason behind what happened.

  7. ok what just happened was not funny! i wrote a paragraph and it was deleted for some reason…oh well

    anyways i just wanted to say that you should talk to Rick as soon as possible because we all want to know what’s next ….and oh everything happens for a reason, everything is an omen…so what happened must have had a reason behind it. we should know what that reason is.

    see ya…and gd luck

  8. As a mother, I can tell you nothing is better than quality time with your children. You are the gift your mom wants most for Mother’s Day!

  9. Hi Bob,

    I’m from New Zealand, and I must say that I really enjoy reading your newsletter. I’ve never been to America but I find reading your stories gives me a slice of life and culture from NY. Your blog is great, I can almost imagine being there from your descriptions. I would so love to do a road trip across America one day, I’ll bet the scenary is fantastic.

    I did a road trip too in New Zealand to see my Mum for mothers day on Sunday, but for me it was only a 3 hour trip (one way) and thought of you guys with your many days to get home.

    Anyway keep up the blogging – it’s great.


  10. I am 77 and not into all your young stuff but it gives me thrills to hear that some appreciates what family means.
    Really enjoyed your quote on “Roots and Wings”.
    Your 123 Greetings are the greatest; there’s always one to say exactly what one wishes. Best wishes.

  11. Hey Bob!!

    Just wanted to say that it sounds like you had a great trip. Can’t wait for you to talk to Rick, and fill us all in on what is going on. Sorry to hear about the car though. I also have been meaning to tell you that I think it is great that you and Kong take the time to visit the hospital, I know it means so much to the people there. My husband was also in Vietnam and he said when he returned home there was no warm welcome, infact he had someone spit on him. How sad is that? Glad you made it back home safe and sound and can’t wait to hear more. Take care. Laura

  12. Hi Bob
    I am an EFL (English as a foreign language) teacher from Iran. I first found out about you when I was desperately searching the net for some nice E-cards to send to my precious friends in Australia for Christmas (I did my course in teaching English in Australia two years ago). From then on, I have been receiving your nice emails and I have been a great fan… Today I found your blog through one of the mails. So I decided to thank you for the great E-cards and emails and start becoming a regular visitor to your blog. I am also going a get a leaf out of your book and spend some quality time with my lovely mother.

  13. thank u BOB 4 sharing. everyone has an interesting story 2 tell.& it’s nice 2 read / or hear them.the car breaking down / well just a small thing in one’s life 2 deal with, it only takes up some time before one is on the “road again” ( no one was hurt, that’s great in itself.)
    I enjoy your newsletter also & cards . cards 4 everyone’s different personalities.. .am happy u made it home safe.
    the sayings “that everything happens 4 a reason” & some want 2 know what it is, well that’s what it is about. things do happen 4 reasons unbeknown 2 us, but sooner or later we get 2 know why. then it all falls into place.
    so again “thanks bob & u & everyone in here please stay safe & warm.

  14. Hi Bob,
    Enjoy your newsletters and your e-cards are great ~ sent some for Mother’s Day. I have to agree with smffy ~ all a mother needs for a gift is her children’s love and repsect. And by making that trip, you showed your mother yours! Hope you make it back home safe ~ Tell Kaitlin these words of Inspiration ~ “Thank goodness for mistakes! They make us wiser.”

  15. hey Bob
    thank you a lot buddy.
    the ecards ur offering to us are so great, I love them

    hasppy anniversary day , good job bro keep going

  16. great to read such things in the morning.
    here, in kazakhstab, we dont have mother’s day, but we have woman’s day on 8th of march.

  17. great to read such things in the morning.
    here, in kazakhstan, we dont have mother’s day, but we have woman’s day on 8th of march.

  18. Dear Bob,
    It sounds like you have a great family! The whole thing of “showing up to suprise your mom” was a great idea!

    P.S The mothers day cards on 123 greetings were great my mommy loved the one I got her!

  19. hey bob its nice to read ur blog,its very interesting.may this idea of surprising help to those who hate their mom. by the way thanks 4 sending me nice mail,which has totally changed me

  20. hey bob its nice to read ur blog,its very interesting.may this idea of surprising help to those who hate their mom. by the way thanks 4 sending me nice mail,which has totally changed me,Give my regards to ur mom n keep sending me nice mails

  21. Hey Bob,
    Thanks again for doing this great work! you`re wonderful as your e-cards!

    Mahsa( from Iran)

  22. Dear Editor Bob,
    Greetings from ISTANBUL. Thank you so much for sending me your greeting cards. I like them all. They are a good company when I’m alone and moody.I share them with people special to me.

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