Mother’s Day Road Trip: Day 5 (Still)

Okay folks, another quick post… I’m really tired. We got to Los Angeles, but the next bus to Pasadena won’t depart until the morning! We didn’t want to call up Dad and ruin the surprise for Mom, so we’re just going to take the next bus out. I hope Rick and Kaitlin are okay and not arguing all the way through. Rick has this attachment to all of his cars, and this is one that he cannot fix himself. I mean, he had diesel in his gas engine car!

You’re going to have to tune in tomorrow to find out what’s going to happen to us. Right now, Megan and I were just talking about what she’s going to be doing with her life, and about Rick and Kaitlin and what’s going to happen. Losing this car–which is the most likely scenario–is a big deal for Rick. I don’t even know if Kaitlin and Rick are going to break up over this incident. I’d hate to be the catalyst. I feel like I’m the one who caused all this because it was my idea to do this road trip, but ya know what? If their love and bond was really strong, I think their relationship could survive… I hope it does. I’m sure other people have had much worse things happen in their relationships and still made it through. It’s only a car, after all, but then, we’re talking about Rick. I’m biting my nails here, people!

I don’t want to sign off here today though, without a Zen quote, it’s another one from Louis L’Amour, “Nobody got anywhere in the world by simply being content”. In a way it’s a good thing that Kaitlin pushed us out our comfort zone. I mean, I didn’t realize how much I wanted to be there for my mom on Mother’s Day if she hadn’t put that diesel in the car. When I realized there was a possibility of us not making it, I really became determined and found another way to make it happen. Actually it was Megan who found the bus station, but Rick said he’d never set foot in one of those. The decision to split up into two groups was tougher than I’d expected. Rick and Kaitlin will follow us as soon as they figure out what to do about the car, and personally, I’m glad not to be there for the inevitable conversation between those two crazy kids.

But as Rick would say, “Take care ya’ll.” Hope your Mother’s Day goes well. I’m really looking forward to mine! I plan on having another post for you tomorrow, and hopefully, I will be able to tell you how Mom handles the surprise! See ya tomorrow!


Editor, 123Greetings


P.S. 123Greetings has belated Mother’s Day ecards too… I really hope I don’t need one!


9 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Road Trip: Day 5 (Still)

  1. What an adventurous roadtrip you and your friends are having! I have enjoyed reading about the people you’ve met and the places you’ve been to, as well as all your (mis)adventures… haha! I do hope you make it in time to see your mom today. I’m pretty sure she would be so excited to see you! Good luck to Rick and Kaitlin… inspite of everything, I really hope that they’ll be able to work things out. :o)

  2. Can’t wait to find out how you made out and if you got to surprise your mother. This has been an exciting trip.

  3. Wow, what a blow to the trip. Hope all turns out well for you guys. Tell Rick, which I am sure he knows, but that his insurance company may pay for all or a portion of that mishap. I guess this is very common and that quite a few insurance company’s have started covering this. Check it out anyway. Hope the rest of the trip will be better. Come on up to Oregon and visit we will find a way to get you back to New York. Good luck!

  4. I am a senegalese girl and i always read you when I am sad. The think is that I am always sure to find something funny in your stories. Hope really that your trip will bring you one day in my country: Senegal. Have a time as good as you give to the world.

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