Mother’s Day Road Trip: Day 5–Going Home

Hey folks, this is going to be a quick post for now. I’m sitting at the bus terminal in Barstow trying to catch the next bus into Los Angeles. You would not believe what happened to me! What happened to us! Basically it started off a very nice morning. We let Kaitlin drive because she’s been really nice, and everyone makes mistakes right? I mean, it could’ve been me driving in a different direction.

We left Flagstaff and headed for Barstow. It was a really pleasant drive. I like the scrubby pines that are so unique to this region. At the pit stop in Barstow Kaitlin filled the tank while Rick went to the toilet. Megan and I were on the necessities duty–getting jerky, soda, and chips. When we got back, we moved out of the gas station.

About a mile or so later, the car died. It was really scary at first because we were in the fast lane and all of a sudden the car started farting. I mean, cars don’t fart! But it started making that sound and just stopped moving. If you have your car die, don’t do it on the fast lane, I can tell ya that much! Kaitlin put on the hazard lights right away. Rick was so furious, he went all red. “Ohhh, no, Kaitlin. What did you fill the car up with??!” Rick yelled. “What?” Kaitlin looked really confused.

Rick looked at Kaitlin in the eye, his eyes were bloodshot red, “Kaitlin darlin’, you filled the car up with diesel!” Rick said, clenching his teeth. Then Kaitlin realized what she had done and said, “Oh, that’s why the nozzle didn’t seem to fit!” Megan and I in the back seat wanted to die. We looked at each other and rolled up our eyes.

We pushed the car to the side of the road, off the soft shoulder. Kaitlin called AAA, so we could be towed back. Megan and I waited for them to pick us up. Kaitlin was almost in tears after she realized what she had done. Rick became really quiet after that. Rick decided to stay with the car. Megan and I headed towards the bus station.

And it just so happened that we had just missed the bus. The next one is at 11 pm and we won’t get into Los Angeles until after 1 am!!! So we’re basically stuck here. I don’t know what Rick and Kaitlin are planning to do… I’ll keep you updated on whether we reach home on time for Mother’s Day or not. Wish us luck!


Editor, 123Greetings


P.S. I can’t wait for Mother’s Day! Have you sent your own mom an ecard yet?


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