Day 18: For Every Setback, There Is A New Comeback!

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“When the mind’s free, The Body’s delicate.” – William Shakespeare

I felt the weight of the world over me. Was it really the world or just my mind that burdened me? I was sitting in a cafeteria outside my office, my eyes drooping downwards, my face as pale as a ghost and my lips, flaky and dry. Stress causing physical manifestation. There and then, I had an outburst. Occupying the corner table in the cafeteria, which thankfully didn’t have many people, I cried my heart out. Everything was a blur. I remember a hand on my back, I remember someone offering me tissues. I managed a meek thank you. Tears were uncontrollable, never-ending. All my failures were staring me in the face and suddenly my mind was weaving a story of self-pity. And then came a voice roaring at me from within my gut, “Stop it!”

I had to get a grip on myself. So, I decided to declutter my mind and purge all the negativity away. I won’t let the defeat play back. I can’t live looking at the rear view mirror. I need to progress. What’s there is there and what’s not there isn’t. Bury the past disappointments, drop the baggage of remorse, resentment and hopelessness. There is beauty in the ashes. Leave the negativity there, don’t be tempted to pick it up again. Surrender and let it go to the higher force.

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Pause And Breathe!

I decided to work on myself and it worked. I ordered a cup of Brazilian Latte. While I was waiting for my coffee, I paused, inhaled deeply and exhaled through my mouth. It was a good way to calm myself and break the pattern of thoughts spiraling in my mind.


My coffee arrived, the aroma was comforting. I sipped the coffee mindfully, completely bringing my mind in the now. It kept drifting away and I kept bringing it back, feeling the warmth of the coffee. I was feeling the lightness in my body. I was more aware of the surrounding around me. I could filter my own thoughts and get rid of the judgments.

Let The Past Go!

I filtered out all the old stories which my mind kept repeating, everything that has gone by and everything that I have gone through. I reminded myself to drop it and only keep my focus on the lessons these rough conditions deposited within me. I decided to be powerful instead of pitiful. I chose to not be a prisoner of my past.

For Every Setback There’s a New Comeback!

I practiced visualization and filled myself with dreams and hopes. I reminded myself of the trust I have in God and my prayers. I believe in angels. I know a grand plan is out there waiting for me. Breakthroughs are coming, better is coming.

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Walk In Nature!

I felt a shift, my body felt better. The moment I stopped thinking and talking about the failures, I felt easy. My vibes changed. I paid for the coffee and noticed the warm smile of the waiter. I walked outside amongst the flowers, enjoying the fragrance and the autumn breeze. Nature heals. Walk mindfully. Your chattering mind, your emotional lows will all be vacuumed away. I could listen to the silence. I could let everything go, it was a freeing experience.


I entered my office, my colleagues greeted me warmly. I was conscious because I felt my face will give away the misery I was in, my eyes were swollen. But no one seemed to notice anything. I felt the magic of dropping the baggage. It changes your vibrational escrow. I sat at my desk and started journaling, so I could share with my readers, with you all, what our beliefs can do and that the biggest foe, mind, can also be the best friend we have. Journaling also is the best way to reflect, anchor your lessons within you, program your mind and create new and positive neural pathways.

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Turn it over to God and stop probing your wounds. Don’t hold on to things, quit looking at your past, let yourself look forward with positivity. Drop hurt, disappointments and unfulfilled wishes. Let go and let God.

Cheers! See you in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “Day 18: For Every Setback, There Is A New Comeback!

  1. Hey Bob,

    There are always times in our life that we think we could have done better. There was a movie about a guy who could move back in time (sorry that I forget the title of the movie). So he travelled back in time trying to correct what he had done. Then he realised that he missed the chance of meeting his girlfriend. His daughter became another person, etc… Apparently everything happens by chance. If one takes a certain route, one may misses out on the other entirely. It is hard to say what is right and what is wrong. The guy in the movie later found out that his father could travelled in time too. His father retired at the age of fifty to spend more time with him, but everyday the family had almost exactly the same events, with family gathering in the beach every afternoon. Then he later found his father had a disease, and those monotonous years they spent together was the most treasured time.

    My nephew had a hard experience lately. He was moving from one school to another in the past 2 years and then finally he found that the school he liked best was the one he turned down the offer in the first place 2 years ago. My auntie sold her house and her funds to support her study in something she did not have experience in. She even gave up her job to pursue her dreams. Now she is still in the middle of finding her way through. She is near retirement and she has hardly anything she can hold on to….. We all face numerous decision-making moments in our life. We never know if we make the right choice till the end. However, along the way, we all gain something, experience, prudence, etc.

    Someone looked back at moments of his life and his foot prints on the sand. He found that most of the time, there were 2 sets of foot prints, his and the Lord’s. However, he noticed that there was only one set of footprints on the sand at times, the most difficult times. He asked the Lord why. The Lord replied, ‘son, I would never leave you. When you see only one pair of foot print, it was then I was carrying you.’ We may not always be able to see the fruits till the very end. However, the Lord always keeps His promise. Bob, have faith.

  2. “Let go and let God” as my North star point of reference, has been a marvellous unravelling of my self and a magnanimous understanding of me within the bigger picture. There are so many wonderful references you’ve made in this piece all which lead me to think that we are of like mind surely, but more interesting to me is the evolution of you up to this point. A great writer indeed, you have me wanting to know more.

    Yours is a timely reminder today and I appreciate your encouragements.

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