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Love Conquers All!

There is no way that peace will fail against violence. With violence we can see an instant solution, but that will be short-lived. As the world as witness, we have all seen that wars and battles don’t inflict just physical pain, but leave scars deep in the heart that change humans into animals.

Sometimes, it makes animals out of men. It is true. No one in their right mind should hold a weapon in their hands, except maybe for self defense in an extreme situation. Yesterday, we had 12 people die from bullets shot by one or three conspirators at the Navy Yard some 3 miles from the White House!

It is easy to make an enemy, but to be a friend is hard work. You just can’t buy a friend or wish for one. You have to work hard at being one so that you can have one.

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The world we live in has seen even more violent times and evil people. There is talk of peace in today’s world. It is a good sign.

No one who won a country through bloodshed was able to retain it forever. It just doesn’t happen. Sword is good for a fight and some entertainment. If it is used for destruction then it self-destructs the one who wields it sooner or later.

Flowers bloom amid thorns to show the world what is beautiful. They show that in the times of sadness and untold miseries there is always hope.!

Love conquers all, weapons don’t.

When we know this basic thing about human nature then we would have a far more peaceful world than what we have today.

The best way to live life is to let people around live in peace.

We earn respect that way and we can dream of a better world.

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1 Irina | 09.20.13, 12:26 am

Quite agree with you that LOVE CONQUERS ALL! Love saves the world, love makes us happy, love tauches our soul and gives us energy to live, love is inside us and asks us to let her go and share all you have! Maybe i am wrong or naive, but i think so…any way, i am not empty now, my heart is loving now…and one more, my great desire that all people in our crazy world will love, not quarrel…PLEASE

2 L | 09.21.13, 11:44 am

B., Love is all. Love is everything. Love to you, L.

3 Tarnindarsingh Mehtab | 09.22.13, 8:44 am

Firstly I really thank this marvellous idea of 123greetings.com. You are spreading goodness to the entire humanity in a very nice manner.

My small request is that the ‘preview window’, where we write our message, should be made larger, so that we can read more lines at a time. I am sure we can do it easily. God Bless You.