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Revisiting Classics!

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, one tends to browse channels for lack of anything to do or the will to do it. And then you come upon some movie from years before playing. You stop and watch with a cheeky smile the movie that was a part of your growing up days.

You find that you are not just watching the movie, but are getting nostalgic. You start remembering things, start remembering those things that happened when you first saw the movie.

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Maybe that sibling fight you had; maybe the first date you went to or maybe some memorable incident involving the best friend of yours while growing up… They all play it out on your mind while you watch the movie.

The best part is, the movie may not be great, but it doesn’t matter. It is incidental, but for the joy it brings with the memories of yore.

This is when you remember how far you have come from those days and how many people you genuinely miss. That is when you take out your phone and find that number of your friend whom you thought you would get in touch with, but never found the time to.

You call that number and talk to him and make your and his day special with smiles all around. Then you search for all those friends you miss, but never made time to catch up with and send them all a greeting card making the day extra special and beautiful.

This is how it should be.

It is okay to be not in touch, but not for long. You got to buzz those relationships into life before it is too late. Genuine love and affection is a rarity these days.

Make an effort to preserve what you have got.

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