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Lasting Peace!

Obama has embarked upon a journey to Israel. When we talk about Israel, Palestine is not far behind. This particular Middle East problem has been going on for ages, but without a solution. By all accounts, these two sets of people want lasting peace, but something or someone always jeopardizes the same.

We wish for peace and maybe this visit by the President can lead to that.

It is wishful thinking to dream about peace all over the world in a day or two, but we can hope for peace to prevail in days to come. Flowers will bloom and there will be smiles.

Things we thought were unimaginable had happened. Never say never when it comes to diplomacy and people’s craving for peace.

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War is usually a knee-jerk reaction. Peace takes time. It is a decision.

War is something that causes infinite damage to the conqueror and the victim, but peace rewards both sides.

And it lasts.

Berlin wall came down. No one thought it would.

Cold war ended. No one thought it would.

This world has seen two world wars. Foes are friends today. There is nothing worse than a man who commits the same mistake twice.

We as humans have waged wars twice.

There won’t be a third one.

We have evolved that much.

Now, the path and momentum is towards peace. It will happen. We haven’t achieved the zenith of maturity as yet. We need time. We are still evolving.

The weapons we have created, the technology we have advanced have stopped us from using it ironically.

That is an outcome we never expected.

This world can’t take another war. We talk about plastics killing the planet, but we conveniently forget the arsenal that we have stocked up.

It is time to be peace with ourselves and others. Spread love.

When was the last time bloodshed made someone smile?

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