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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

This is a day about shamrock, leprechaun and a good lot of fun. It is the day to go green and look at the world with happy eyes. It is St. Patrick’s Day!

The luck of the Irish will rub us the good way and make our lives take a turn for good. There is a lot of symbolism involved and that’s for a reason. It is one of those days when you can parade in green colors all over the country without a worry. Even the beer mugs are green and there is fun to be had.

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No one is alone on this day. It is a day for the friends and family and even strangers too. Yes, this is a day when you hang out with your good pals and have a great time. Mostly, only on this day you would find strangers walking up to you and be friendly.

You can dance, drink and of course, pray. Any day becomes a celebration if you are with your family and friends. And on Paddy’s day it is no different.

I wish and pray on this day that the luck that it brings should spread all over the world and end the violence and give peace to people.

There is a lack of peace around the globe and may this day bring redemption to those who seek. May those be blessed who are elderly and need solace. May the children of this world be devoid of any diseases and may there only be love.

Love is the most important factor that one wishes for in one’s life and this day should bring that in abundance for those who deserve it.

May not one soul be alone on this day and may your families be blessed with God’s grace.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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1 L | 03.14.13, 5:11 pm

B., You are very dear, loving and kind and I believe if an Irish person were to read this blog that is the very same thing that they would say. The Irish, like you, have a way with words. Most lyrical and sincere. Sometimes too honest to the point of harshness. Yet I admire such words that are true. They can really touch the heart in all directions without being sugary sweet. And friends- ahhh, on St. Patrick’s Day everyone is your friend. So raise a glass to St. Pat and may the snake be stamped out forever so love can reign. always your friend, L.