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A Very Happy Valentine’s Day To You All!

Even Pope resigns in this day and time. Such is the hectic day to day travails of today’s life. There is no time to breathe forget spending time with your loved ones. There is no worry in the world for those with no responsibilities, but for those with one 24 hours is not truly enough.

And there is no goal to reach. There is no set goal for our journey. Everyone has their own set of goals. There is no collective set of goals. Nothing to aspire to as a collective. Not everyone should become a doctor, engineer or a President or even Pope.

We want different things. We wear different clothes. We eat different things. We meet different people. We differ in color. We differ in language spoken, written and understand. We commute to different places. We commute in different vehicles. We live in different States. We are of different nationalities. We support different sport teams or clubs. We think differently from one another.


We all find happiness in LOVE.

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That is the only constant in a world of differences.

No one in this world deserves a loveless life. They may not proclaim their loneliness and therefore, it is our duty to share our love with one and all. It makes life worth living.

If there is to be a set goal for everyone it has to be that everyone needs to aspire to a life which is filled with love being received and given to a degree where there is only joy in us and around us.

Today’s world with its conflicts and confusion needs love more than ever.

On this Valentine’s Day, let’s take an oath to give love to one and all. To share it to someone who has never been felt it.

Make this world a beautiful one for us all to live with our love.

Happy Valentine’s day to all of you.

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1 L | 02.15.13, 3:07 pm

B., And may you have a Happy Valentine’s Day, too. The buzz of Love is all around. Buzzzzzzzzzz. L.