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Things To Do…

There are usual chores and duty that beckons every single day. We do what we have to and that keeps our wallet heavy and bills paid. There are certain things that don’t earn you money, but just satisfaction and brings your heart some peace. Care to know what those little things are:

Plant a sampling. Yes, try sowing a seed or planting a sampling when you find time. You may see the flowers or fruits one day, you or your kids or your grandkids could use the shade one day in the future or at the least, a pet may rest and thank the one who planted it.

Write a book. Puzzled? I always believed that writers don’t write, but people who have understood that they have a story to tell, write. Yes, every single person in this world has a story to tell and therefore, everyone can write. It relieves stress, believe me.

Click on a card to send.

Spend time with a senior citizen. Yes, it could be your family member, like your grandparent or a good old man in the park. Sit down with them and just have a conversation. You will learn a thousand things about life which you wouldn’t learn in any academic book or your friendly internet.

Ask yourself some hard hitting questions. You won’t be interviewed by Oprah or any other celebrity most likely. Try posing the questions yourself to yourself and find some answers. No one can ask those questions, but yourself.

You will not be disappointed if you do any of the deeds above. It would make at least a small difference in your life for good. I am sure of it.

Give it a try and tell me how it worked out for you.

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