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Love, Friendship And Other Emotions!

Heart is one, but feelings differ. Love is universal; its contours are different for different people. It is like chocolate and with every different mixture it tastes different, but good all the same.

Love is something unique. It makes eyes smile. It is an emotion that is devoid of logic. There is no calculation in love. There is only submission. Complete submission.

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Unconditional is the word. There are no price tags or set rules. There is even no proper definition. The reason is no one can define exactly what it means. It just is. It just happens. It is something you cannot fight. There are no medicines for it. If you are in it, it will take over your life. It will make your whole world beautiful. That is the beauty of love one has for his or her soul mate.

Then there is friendship. This is a divine relationship. It happens at work, it happens in the street corner, it can happen with a passerby – a complete stranger. A relationship that allows any relationship to be discussed about without any judgment. Such is the strangeness of friendship. It is God’s way of asking us to choose one more extension to our family. And we end up spending more time with them rather than our family. Love can walk out, but friendship stays. Maybe that’s the reason friendship exists.

Then there are colleagues at work. We spend most of our eventful day at work, but seldom make more than a few friends out of colleagues. It is a strange place. It is not easy to judge who is who in this cutthroat corporate world. But we do pick and they make the day long workplace bearable.

Stone cold and indifferent, there are many, but how happy are they?

Emote and seek joy. There is plenty in this beautiful world.

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1 S.R.SUNDARAM | 01.15.13, 12:47 am

It is lovely. you are saying with flowers!

2 S.R.SUNDARAM | 01.15.13, 12:52 am

meaningful & useful

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