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Wish You A Very Happy New Year!

Resolutions galore this New Year. Wherever I look, whomever I see has one word on their lips – resolution.

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Yes, that is a New Year fad. Everyone wants to start or stop something… Let us look at a few usual culprits.

1. I will stop drinking.

2. I will quit smoking.

3. I will work to get six pack abs.

4. I will get married this year.

5. I will budget my earnings, save and take a European vacation.

6. I will join Yoga or Pilates or at the least meditate for 20 minutes a day.

7. I will not shop every second day.

8. I will stop doing weed.

9. I will write a diary.

10. I will write that novel I always wanted to write.

The list will go on forever. I too thought of a few resolutions for you to keep through the New Year that’s coming through.

1. Wake up and smile and tell yourself it is going to be a good day. Start your day positively… Every day.

2. Don’t be too happy when things go your way and don’t get too sad when it doesn’t.

3. Don’t hurt anyone or yourself, physically or verbally.

4. Pick up a sport and play regularly.

5. Save. Spend wisely. Give to people who are less fortunate. Happiness is in sharing.

6. Call your parents once a day or twice a week at least. Visit them twice a month for sure.

7. Send a greeting card every weekend and keep in touch with all whom you care about.

8. Work hard. Don’t give excuses. Party hard. Exercise caution.

9. Kiss your wife or husband every morning, evening and night.

10. Don’t kiss anyone else!

Realistic, you think?

I think so.

Try it.

Happy New Year!

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1 L | 12.27.12, 11:29 pm

B., I agree on just about all the resolutions except the #10, because I want to kiss you for this sweet blog.
Happy 2013. Your smiling friend,

2 M | 12.30.12, 4:38 pm

Happy new your to you too

3 Aarti | 12.30.12, 11:13 pm

Happy New Year

4 A.Rubala | 12.31.12, 6:53 am

Hi my Dear sweet heart Wish you happy new year…

5 A.Rubala | 12.31.12, 6:55 am

Wish you happy new year My dear sweet heart MOM…

6 R.Anandakumar | 12.31.12, 6:57 am

Hi wish you happy new year.

7 Anil Kumar | 12.31.12, 9:53 pm

Wish you Happy & Prosperous New Year