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Are You Excited?

I am sure you are.

How many seasons in a calendar year has such festivities lined up? How many holidays have the good fortune of benefiting both the buyer and the seller?

How many religious festivals bring with it so many fun activities apart from the mandatory rituals and prayers?

Even prayer is made interesting with carols. A Christmas Carol Day is near and don’t miss the chance to train your vocals for a good reason.

Click on a card to send.

Once you are done with it, sit down to decorate the most beautiful tree of all – the Christmas tree.

This is a tree that bears goodies not only on all its branches and leaves, but also on the bottom of it.

Goodness personified, this beautiful green tree is a sight to behold in every household. The icing on the cake for this one is the decorative lights that it sports. Christmas Tree Light Day is here and you can light up the tree and make the house and life in the city even brighter this festive season.

Don’t forget to send in those Season’s Greetings your loved ones’ way in anticipation of the big event and the advent of smaller events.

Don’t miss a chance to celebrate and don’t miss a chance to have fun this Happy Holiday season.

This happens once a year and I want you to make the most out of it.

Live it up folks for there are very few days in life you can have fun from dawn to dusk.

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1 L | 12.13.12, 10:22 am

B., I am sooooooooooooo excited!!! Fiesta, fiesta! arriba, arriba, andele, andele!!!! Feliz Navidad…. sending you sweet candy kisses, L.